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Animation creators

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I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to anims, and by the lack of postage in this thread, I guess I am not alone.

I was hammering round looking for this and that and happened across this list. Its from 2010, but should provide a good resource for people who need anims to make their own investigations. I have also posted the original link below. Props to the OP for compiling such a great list. I would like to point out that just because the OP says "confirmed in conversation" does NOT give you a free ticket to ride. The context of this post is talking about the situation WITHIN SL. Not other grids. The polite thing to do is always to ask. Good anim creators are known to be hard to find even within SL. So anyone seeking animations, or tips how to create them themselves would probably do well to talk to some creators beforehand.
Beginning furniture makers or experimenters often don't have the money and / or confidence yet to invest in buying licenced animations.

We all know from this weekend the débacle that can ensue when what appear to be "bargain-priced" licenced animations fall into their hands. (NOTE: I think this refers to the stroker serpentine anims, but I am not sure)

I'm trying to make a list of animations that float around in freebie circles (such as Yadni's) that they generally can count on to be legitimately free, unpirated animations for them to use without being bitten in the arse one day for having done so.

Here's my list so far, and my thoughts. Any contributions / corrections / etc appreciated.

Genuine freebies
Butcher Cassidy (confirmed in conversation)
Chip Midnight (confirmed in conversation)
Damien Fate (confirmed in conversation)
Emma Thorn (confirmed in conversation with CL 3 August 2008)
Fleabite Beach (confirmed in conversation with CL 5 June 2008)
linkin Slate (confirmed in conversation)
Ulrika Zugzwang (from her profile)
YadNi Monde (confirmed in conversation)
Yuriko Nishi (confirmed in conversation with CL 5 June 2008)

Animators whose stuff always requires a licence
Animator Ragu
Beau Perkins
Bella Beleza
Ben Stravinsky
Cita Boa
Craig Altman
Damen Gorilla
Dylan Rickenbacker
fana dechou
Furr Burt
Johan Durant
loufa Shilova
Medhue Simoni
Michael Somerset
mikeD Streeter
Natalie Oe (confirmed in conversation with CL 13 Aug 2008)
Nya Raymaker / Jolly Lovenkraft (confirmed in conversation with CL 13 Aug 2008)
Nytemyst Grace
Owain Raymaker (confirmed in conversation with CL 13 Aug 2008)
Parsalin Gullwing
Sandy Clymer
Sin Toshi
Siryn Rosse (confirmed here in this thread 13 Aug 2008)
store Allen
suzi sohmers
Tara Bournemouth
trebbort subagja
Varon Kappler
Zoe Biggles

Animators who never licence their stuff [1]
Abramelin Wolfe
Cheree Bury (confirmed in forum)
Darkness Anubis
Desiree Bisiani (and Cheewha Palen)
Flip Fitzsimmons
Hol ALexander
jamie Cheeky
Jennifer Brennon
Lizz Silverstar
niknak Bugaboo
Paul Llewelyn
Paul Lobo
Phil Deakins
Ravanne Sullivan
Renee Irwin
Riann Maltese

Animators who produce both licenced and freebie stuff [2]
Darien Caldwell (confirmed in conversation)
Deira Llanfair (confirmed in forum)
Ferran Brodsky (confirmed in conversation)
Indika Herbst (confirmed in conversation)
Lear Cale (confirmed in conversation)
LordJason Kiesler (confirmed in conversation)
Starlight Kiesler (confirmed in conversation)

Animators who released some freebies in the past but now never licence their stuff [3]
Neo Virgo (confirmed in conversation with CL 5 July 2008)
Owain Raymaker (confirmed in conversation with CL 13 Aug 2008)
Shukran Fahid (confirmed in conversation with CL 24 Aug 2008. Please do not contact him about these freebies as he is no longer in possession of them; you must obtain them from somewhere else. And, they are not supported.)

Creator no longer exists [4]
Cid Jacob
Eva Capalini

Status Uncertain (IM'ed / emailed a minimum of 3 times, but no response. Attempts to contact them have been abandoned.)
Cristiano Midnight
Dyonis Blanc
Gwinivere Grayson
Kiari LeFay
Kris Gullwing
Launa Fauna
Michael Firefly
Princess Medici
Remo Yossarian
stephenpaul Bliss (reportedly no longer active in SL; status of his animations uncertain.)
Vicious Volos

Sine Wave (various creators). Released the following genuine freebies: Lime Jelly, Hipster, We love you girl, and We love you boy. There is a full-perm version of Caramel circulating, but its release was accidental.

[1] if you see these animations being used by anyone but them, they are likely pirated.

[2] You need to check with these animators when free stuff created by them comes into your hands.

[3] These people released some stuff as freebies in the distant past, but now only produce animations for their own use, and never licence any of these current ones out.

[4] An effort was made at clarification but no real determination of status was possible owing to the accounts having been deleted from SL. Use at your own risk.

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Re: Animation creators

Post by Chloe Stardust »

Thanks for the hard research really helps everyone.
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Re: Animation creators

Post by Justin Smith »

I've used the qavimator (free software for linux and maybe some other OS's) program to make some animations but doing it right involves a lot of work (to make it smooth and anatomically convincing). It comes with a few sample animations.
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Re: Animation creators

Post by Natalie Oe »

Just wanted to write here because the above list shows my last confirmation as having been obtained in 2008.

I don't currently have animations in kitely (they are coming soon) BUT if you have managed to grab a copy of old freebies, they do require a license. IE you can sell them as part of your build/creations but not as is.

Not all of my animations were intended to be freebies so please contact me if you'd like a notecard stating permission to use :-)
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