Upcoming Advanced Features?

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Dot Matrix
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Upcoming Advanced Features?

Post by Dot Matrix »

The end of the blogpost Introducing Organizations (Virtual Grids) mentions the following:
Introducing Organizations wrote:Upcoming Advanced Features include:
  • A tool to help you transfer content ownership between users in your Organization
  • Use your own domain name for the Organization
These are intended for Standard and Custom Organizations. Is there a timeline for their introduction? I'm particularly interested in the first.

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Ilan Tochner
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Re: Upcoming Advanced Features?

Post by Ilan Tochner »

Hi Dot,

I'm sorry but moving content ownership between users in a permissions respecting way is a non trivial feature to implement properly, so we don't have a timeframe for it yet.
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Re: Upcoming Advanced Features?

Post by Ada Radius »

Until then and meanwhile:
Back when I was working on Cookie II sim, we wanted to transfer ownership from individual builders to the nonprofit that owns the sim, and sort out permissions so we could take clean OAR files. It turned out that the fastest way to get that done in a world with a lot of builds was to do it as a team.
Two of us got into an IM Talk channel - I was in the avatar for the nonprofit that owns the sim, working with the primary builder at that time, she with Estate Manager perms. We pulled up Area Search, got to know all its features, which are many. The builder, sitting on a prim in the center of each 256x256 and working entirely within Area Search, fixed perms, improved naming, and set up to sell for 0 KC. I followed on to take ownership for the nonprofit while we talked through it. We got fast at it - several thousand objects took about three hours to fix, plus some time to find a few other builders and figure out the weird stuff. Anything we couldn't get into the OAR was replaced if possible, and we emailed the OAR error report to the board to let everyone know what would not get backed up. Anything still called Object after that, gone, baby, gone. This is not a job for hoarders who can't throw out unknown objects. No one seemed to miss the stuff we chucked, I was even thanked for finding lost things in the sandbox.

(I did this in another sim iSL some years ago, helping a friend clean up a sim. Less happily. Angry IM's re amazing numbers of nameless prims sent to Lost and Found folders)
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