A Minute of Your Time Can Help Bring More People to Kitely

The website Hypergrid Business is now holding its sixth annual OpenSim grid survey. Please help us attract additional people to the Kitely community by answering this short multiple choice survey.

Last year many of you participated in the survey and, as a result, Kitely came out on top for “Best Technology” with a close-to-perfect score of 4.95. Your support helped Kitely attract more users and keep its position as the leading commercial provider of Hypergrid-enabled regions. It also helped convince content creators to list their items in Kitely Market, and now there are more than 11,000 product variations listed in our marketplace, making it the biggest marketplace serving the Hypergrid. Your continued support is crucial for helping us grow both our marketplace and the Kitely user community.

Please take the time to complete this survey. Thank you!

Maintenance Release

We updated the system today with several bug fixes and features that were requested by our users.

In the previous update, we enabled world managers to monitor world performance and shut down their active worlds by clicking “Stop” in the World Page. We’ve now added a confirmation dialog before stopping the world, to prevent shutting down worlds by accident.

We’ve updated the default viewer that we provide on our website to Firestorm 4.7.3.

We now allow links to YouTube and Flickr in Kitely Market product listings.

We fixed the following bug: if a user had set his or her Home region to a Megaregion, then attempting to go Home from another grid would fail. Now it will succeed. Users who have set their Home region to a Megaregion should set it again. (It’s okay to not do this, but in that case going Home will only work inside Kitely, but not from other grids.)