All Kitely Worlds Are Now Up To x2 Faster

We are happy to announce that we’ve upgraded all Kitely worlds, and they are now up to twice as fast as before! We’ve done this by upgrading to the latest Amazon server technology, the m7i generation, while keeping our existing prices. This upgrade enables your worlds to handle more scripts and avatar activity without experiencing server lag.

We’ve always taken pride in providing great performance to our customers, which we achieve by using powerful servers; placing very few Kitely worlds on each server; and using our modified version of OpenSim that has proprietary high-performance assets and inventory systems. Our servers also benefit from being hosted in one of the world’s top data centers, the Amazon Web Services data center in California, which has very high-performance connectivity to the internet. This latest upgrade further bolsters our commitment to providing a premium experience to our OpenSim customers.

Kitely opened its doors to the public in March 2011, making us one of the longest-running OpenSim grids. We have a great reputation for customer support, reliability, and high-performance virtual world hosting. Kitely is also the home of Kitely Market, the premier marketplace for buying and selling virtual items across the Hypergrid.

If you’re looking for a reliable, high-performance grid to host your OpenSim regions then take advantage of our 14-day money back guarantee and try Kitely risk-free now.

Published by

Ilan Tochner

Ilan Tochner is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kitely.