Updated OpenSim and Even Faster Worlds

We upgraded Kitely today to an enhanced version of OpenSim Our version of OpenSim includes hundreds of proprietary stability and performance improvements that we’ve developed for OpenSim over the years. This long-awaited update includes many changes and improvements, including ones that speed up world startup times. This is in addition to our system-wide upgrade a few weeks ago that doubled world performance.

The biggest new feature in OpenSim is that the scripting system has changed from XEngine to YEngine. While using YEngine offers many benefits, there are also a few downsides to this change:

YEngine is designed to more closely follow the LSL script syntax. This makes it easier to port scripts that were designed for Second Life into OpenSim. However, this change can also cause some scripts that worked on XEngine to break. If you encounter scripts that have stopped working properly then you’ll need to fix, replace or remove them from your Kitely worlds. You can read more about these script changes here.

In addition, the change from XEngine to YEngine caused all of the scripts to reset to their initial state. That’s because the state files where OpenSim stores script state have changed their format, and YEngine can’t use state files that were created by XEngine. So if you used any scripts that need configuration after they’ve been rezzed then you’ll need to configure them again.

And finally, switching script engines requires our system to recompile all the scripts in your worlds. This happens the first time each world is entered following today’s update. This means that each world will take longer than usual to start the first time anyone enters it after this update. This is just a one-time delay, and the next time anyone enters that world it will start faster because its scripts will already be compiled.

We hope you enjoy this upgrade! If you encounter any problems then please let us know here.

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Oren Hurvitz

Oren Hurvitz is the Co-Founder and VP R&D of Kitely.