New Cloud-Based Inventory System

We rolled out a new cloud-based inventory system today, which offers significantly better performance than the regular OpenSim inventory service. The new system leverages the infrastructure we’ve created for our cloud-based asset system. This continues our commitment to providing unique features and improved performance over regular OpenSim grids.

Our new inventory system provides several benefits:

  • Avatars enter worlds faster, and experience less lag while inside.
  • Avatars that are already in a world experience less lag when someone else enters the world.
  • Opening large inventory folders is much faster.

Additional Changes

We changed the wind module to Configurable Wind. This was requested by some of our users, as it’s used for sailing simulations. Use osSetWindParam to change the wind’s behavior.

Following another user request, we added a confirmation dialog when you export a world to help you avoid starting this time-consuming process by accident.