Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service are finally up on our website. We’ve been listening to how people in the virtual worlds community would like to be able to use Kitely, and it has taken us this long to get a legal document created that allows the flexibility people have been asking for. We hope you will approve.

This is how we addressed the most frequent requests made by the community:

You are allowed to create an account using either your own identity or a pseudonym. This means that if you prefer interacting with people using your avatar’s identity, Kitely’s terms now officially allow you to do so.

Children under the age of 13 are allowed to create a Kitely account if they have parental or legal custodian supervision.  This means that if you are a teacher, our terms enable you to give classes inside Kitely to your underage students once you’ve gotten their parents’ consent. You are not required to involve Kitely in the process.

Mature content is allowed in any world, as long as the World Manager takes proactive measures to ensure that no underage users can access that world. This means that if you wish to engage in adult activities our terms permit you to do so behind closed (virtual) doors. One caveat is that we will not accept any kind of activity and/or content that involves anything that can be construed as pedophile behavior anywhere on our servers. Such activities are illegal in many countries, even when only adults are involved, and we don’t want Kitely to be associated with them.

Please note that our terms do not free you from complying with terms set by other service providers that you use in conjunction with Kitely (e.g.  Facebook). This is currently a problem because Facebook prohibits creating profiles for pseudonyms and for children under 13, whereas Kitely does allow them. We will be adding additional login options such as LinkedIn and Twitter in the coming months to give you more flexibility.

We tried to maximize your freedom as much as possible, while retaining a few restrictions as advised by our lawyers. Please let us know what you think of the result.

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Ilan Tochner

Ilan Tochner is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kitely.