Happy Holidays: Kitely Supports Vivox Voice!

We have an exciting announcement: Kitely now supports voice! All Kitely worlds are now voice-enabled using Vivox, which has the best virtual worlds voice implementation in the market. This means that, without installing any additional software, you can switch voice on in your viewer to enable other people to both hear you with high quality positional audio, see your avatar’s lips move when you talk and see speaker indication graphics above your avatar’s head. This new feature is absolutely FREE for all Kitely users.

Using Voice

The following screenshots are from the Second Life Viewer, but other viewers have similar dialogs.

To speak, click the “Speak” button:


If the Speak button is disabled (and you have a microphone) then the world manager might have disabled voice. Worlds where voice is disabled display the following icon at the top of the viewer:

Voice Disabled

In this case, you will not be able to speak in the world until the world manager enables voice. However, you can still use private calls (see below).

Private Calls

In addition to the public voice channel (which everyone can hear), you can also initiate a private call to another user. This creates a conversation that only the two of you can hear, and it works even if voice is disabled in the world. To initiate a private call, right-click the other person’s avatar and select “Call”.

Enabling Voice in Your World

If you are a world manager, and voice is disabled in your world but you want to enable it, then you need to make sure two checkboxes are checked:

1. Enable voice in the Estate.

From the menu, select: World > Places Profile > Region/Estate

Enable voice in the estate

2. Enable voice in the Parcel.

From the menu, select: World > Places Profile > About Land

Enable voice in the parcel

After you have enabled both of these checkboxes, the world will allow voice to be used. Now there’s something to talk about! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist…)

Happy holidays! 🙂

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  • Ramesh Ramloll

    THANK YOU!!! I HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR THAT … I have been lurking for quite a while.

    • You’re welcome Ramesh, we hope to provide you with many more valuable options in the coming months 🙂

      Happy holidays!

      • Adriannelexico

        THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sally S Cherry

    Woot, wooot…. Excellent!!! Just love how you and the Kitely team keeps adding new community features. Looking forward to sharing Kitely and its many features with my colleagues at upcoming training course. PS: I took the survey.. Hope that others do also

    Sally Cherry
    Cherry Network Centre

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  • Kathryn Yer

    Hi I am runing my own server on a windows PC. I am useing New World Studios version of opensim. I have got free voice from the kind people at Vivox but I can not seem to get it working. I have placed the code in the opensim.ini file under the Freeswitch code and I have comented the freeswtich out. I have also done the abouve steps. Thanks in advance for any hep. Kathryn

  • Dana Moore

    Hi folks.

    Just wanted to mention my experience.

    The Vivox folks authorized me with a username and password which I inserted into the , but for some reason after I rebooted, all the regions OpenSim.ini’s were not correct (didn’t have Vivox information in them. I found I have to update the mysql database and that is what generates the specific region’s OpenSim.ini files. You’ll want to insert rows into mgm.iniConfig that resemble:

    mysql> select * from iniConfig where section = “VivoxVoice”;


    | id | region | section | item | content |


    | 80 | default | VivoxVoice | enabled | true |

    | 81 | default | VivoxVoice | vivox_server | |

    | 82 | default | VivoxVoice | vivox_sip_uri | |

    | 83 | default | VivoxVoice | vivox_admin_user | |

    | 84 | default | VivoxVoice | vivox_admin_password | |


    Works perfectly and thanks much to Vivox for allowing the restricted non-commercial use!

    • Hi Dana,

      FYI, Kitely has a commercial license from Vivox. We don’t use the non-commercial license you referred to in your comment.