OpenSim and Additional Script Functions Supported

We’ve updated our service today to use OpenSim This version of OpenSim includes many bug fixes and improvements: see the list of changes here. We also upgraded the version of Mono that we use, to Together, these updates should result in faster and more stable performance.

In addition to these infrastructure upgrades we’ve made several configuration changes that can enable you to create much better worlds:

We’ve enabled many more OSSL functions than before. Most functions with threat level Low or below are enabled for everyone. Most functions with threat level above Medium are also enabled, but only for the world manager. This includes the often-requested functions osTeleportAgent and osKickAvatar. A few dangerous functions, such as osConsoleCommand, are still disabled for everyone. See the full list of supported OSSL functions.

Many people have been asking for the ability to build scripted bots, so we are happy to announce that NPC functions are now available on Kitely. NPC’s have many uses: in simulations, role playing games, as shop vendors, etc.

We’ve also fixed a bug that prevented setting the sun position using OSSL. This enables world managers to make sure that visitors will see their worlds as intended. In addition (but unrelated), we enabled Windlight functions. This means that worlds that have Windlight settings will send them to supporting viewers.

Finally, we fixed a bug related to the avatar walking animation, which sometimes caused avatars to look like they’re walking even when they’re standing still. This problem is almost completely eliminated (on rare occasions it can still happen). We will contribute this patch back to OpenSim.

As with any major upgrade, problems may occur. Please let us know if you encounter any and we’ll fix them.

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Oren Hurvitz

Oren Hurvitz is the Co-Founder and VP R&D of Kitely.