New Cloud-Based Inventory System

We rolled out a new cloud-based inventory system today, which offers significantly better performance than the regular OpenSim inventory service. The new system leverages the infrastructure we’ve created for our cloud-based asset system. This continues our commitment to providing unique features and improved performance over regular OpenSim grids.

Our new inventory system provides several benefits:

  • Avatars enter worlds faster, and experience less lag while inside.
  • Avatars that are already in a world experience less lag when someone else enters the world.
  • Opening large inventory folders is much faster.

Additional Changes

We changed the wind module to Configurable Wind. This was requested by some of our users, as it’s used for sailing simulations. Use osSetWindParam to change the wind’s behavior.

Following another user request, we added a confirmation dialog when you export a world to help you avoid starting this time-consuming process by accident.

  • Ramesh Ramloll

    THANKS A LOT ! 🙂

  • Ramesh Ramloll

    Just checked, yes the avatar does load faster (cloud does not hang around as before) and the inventory appears to load faster.

  • awesome!!!!

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  • Thank you Ilan and Oren! The speedy response to the inventory issue was amazing. For those looking for a place to call “home” on opensim, Kitely should be considered at the top of the list, especially when considering stability and reliability.

  • Niiiice, keep up the super innovation. You guys are so on the right track!

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  • Ohn Lang

    Truly you guys are amazing. I second Suzy’s sentiment. Kitely is my first choice, total convert from SL. I can’t wait until the bullet physics are finished and in opensim. IMO, I think professional creators would do well to come in, get set up now and be the early bird 😉 Can’t beat the totally flexible pricing structures, awesome people already here, and for customer support … my experience with Ilan and Oren tops them all 🙂

    yeah, think i’m a fangirl … shoot me.

    • Thank you Ohn, 🙂

      It takes some time for people to set up their inworld businesses so I think you’re right that people who start setting up their presence in Kitely now will have an advantage when we reach the tipping point in community adoption.

      • Ohn Lang

        How lovely it will be to be able to buy beautiful skins, AOs, fun tools, textures, mansions, art, furniture, ahhhhgh. /me drools …

      • Ohn Lang

        omg! and beautiful clothes, and hair, and and jewelry and and /me falls over and faints …

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  • Robert W.


    Is there VoIP inside Kitely when using or communicating with other avatars? This is extremely important for me. Thanks

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  • Faster is always appreciated. And I was wondering why my windvane was stuck on wind out of the west. The default wind was kind of random. I look forward to trying osSetWindParam.

    • Thank you Bill. Please let us know how the wind changes work for you.

  • Dale Innis

    So ummmm… on this wind change? It seems to have had a very large impact on anything and everything wind-based in the world(s).

    More bluntly, stuff is broken now. 🙂

    Is there any documentation about it anywhere? Did you use the standard (rather weird) defaults?

    Have the OpenSim folks given you any sort of advice about what set of ConfigurableWind parameters will make it behave most like SimpleWind, so we can at least mostly un-break things while we work on the details?

    In my experiments so far, sort of guessing about what the ConfigurableWind parameters do based on the scanty amount I’ve been able to find on the link that you gave and the web in general, the ConfigurableWind seems to pretty much always come from the same direction, despite my telling it to vary alot, and the strength also varies almost not at all. I don’t know if I’m just looking in the wrong part of parameter-space, or there might be a bug in the plugin, or what…

    Any help greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Dale,

      We’ll be adding a per-world option to disable configurable wind and replace it with the old random wind configuration. This should fix all the undesired wind behaviors you are currently experiencing.

      This option will be rolled out in our next site update in 1-2 weeks.

      • Dale Innis

        Ah, thanks, that will be very helpful! I’d also like to understand how configurable wind is actually supposed to work someday 🙂 but this is a good fast fix for the broken stuff. Appreciated!