Offline IM Notifications and People Search

We updated our service today with several user-requested features, and infrastructure improvements that are required for the upcoming Kitely Market.

Email Notifications for Offline IM

If you receive an IM while you are offline then we’ll send you an email.

To use this feature you must first enable it in your viewer. For example, this is what the option looks like in Firestorm:

IM to Email

People Search

We enabled the “Search” feature in viewers and it now allows searching for avatars.

People Search

Better Support for Uploading Many Items

We’ve had reports of users who were disconnected for being idle while uploading a large number of items using Second Inventory. We now recognize when items are being uploaded and consider the user to be active (not idle) while that is happening.

“Likes” in the Forums

We updated the forums to allow users to “Like” posts. This is done by clicking the Thumbs Up button:

Like Post

The list of all the people who Liked a post is displayed under that post.

Website Improvements

We made a number of improvements to our website. These improvements only affect modern browsers that support HTML5: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE10. Most of our users (86%) use such browsers. The remaining users use mostly IE9, which doesn’t support HTML5, so for them the website will continue working as before. We will continue supporting IE9 as long as it’s widely used.

The most important change is that we made the website faster. This is particularly noticeable when moving from the Public Worlds or My Worlds page to a World Page and back.

Another change that you might notice is that our URLs look different: they no longer contain the hash character (“#”). For example, the URL of our public worlds page changed from!search to This change makes it easier for search engines such as Google to index our site.

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Oren Hurvitz

Oren Hurvitz is the Co-Founder and VP R&D of Kitely.