Kitely Market Hypergrid Delivery – Beta Test

We updated the system today with support for Hypergrid delivery in Kitely Market. But this feature isn’t open for general use yet, so don’t look for it 🙂 . Hypergrid delivery is challenging because we need to interact with other grids, each of which might implement OpenSim in different ways. This can cause problems which don’t happen when we deliver items in Kitely (where we control every aspect of the process).

Therefore, we are now starting a Beta Test of Hypergrid Delivery. Please see this forum post for details about how to join the beta test.

Other Changes

We fixed a bug with permissions: when a user links together two objects, OpenSim used to set the permissions of the combined group to the permissions of the last selected group. But actually it should use the lower permissions found in either group; otherwise users could circumvent the permissions system.

We changed the maximum viewer password to 16 characters. We used to allow users to choose longer passwords, but some viewers don’t actually support more than 16 characters.

We fixed a bug in Kitely Market, where if a merchant deactivated or reactivated a product then its reviews counter would reset to 0. (The reviews were never deleted; only the counter was wrong.)

In World Pages, we added two Meta tags to the HTML. These tags may be used by automatic scripts to detect information about the world:

  • maturity – possible values are adult, moderate and general
  • account_type – which types of users can visit the world. Possible values are regular, premium and private. In the future we’ll add another value here: hypergrid.

By the way, if you’re writing scripts that check World Pages then you may be interested to know that world pages also have a “Permanent URL”. Normally the World Page’s URL changes whenever the world is renamed. However, the Permanent URL uses the World ID instead of its name, so it never changes. The Permanent URL can be found as a Meta tag in the HTML, called og:url.

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Oren Hurvitz

Oren Hurvitz is the Co-Founder and VP R&D of Kitely.