Cut World Startup Time in Half, and Improved Performance

We have some good news! We upgraded the servers that we use to host OpenSim worlds, and this has improved performance significantly. The new servers have faster CPUs, and they use SSDs instead of regular hard drives.

Here’s an example of the performance improvements with the new servers. Universal Campus is a 4-region world with more than 43,000 prims and about 2,000 scripts. It used to take 1:25 minutes to start on our old servers, even with all of our performance optimizations (starting this world on a regular version of OpenSim would have taken much longer). With the new servers this world starts in just 43 seconds, i.e. twice as fast! We see similar improvements in other worlds’ startup times, as well as faster performance while the worlds are active.

This upgrade is available automatically to all Kitely users, at no additional cost.

If you need even more performance then consider changing your world’s type to an Advanced World, since they get more resources than other types of worlds.

In other news: in the last week we’ve donated over 40 patches to OpenSim. These are features and bug fixes that have been active in Kitely for a while, and now everyone in OpenSim will be able to take advantage of them starting with OpenSim version 0.8.0.

Even as we’re making more contributions to OpenSim, it’s important to keep in perspective the benefits of being a Kitely user. Over the last 5 years we’ve written more than 330,000 lines of code, less than 10% of which are OpenSim-specific. Kitely users will continue to have first access to the improvements that we make to the open-source OpenSim project, as well as exclusive access to our many features that aren’t part of OpenSim such as our powerful on-demand servers; fast cloud-based asset and inventory systems; intuitive HTML5 control panel; tight integration with Kitely Market; and more.

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Oren Hurvitz

Oren Hurvitz is the Co-Founder and VP R&D of Kitely.