Easily Deliver Product Updates; Help Users of Grids That Have Shut Down

We updated our system today with a couple of features that were requested by Kitely Market merchants. It’s now possible to easily deliver product updates to all the people who had purchased them in the past. We also added a feature that allows users of grids that had shut down to regain access to their Kitely Market purchases.

Deliver Product Updates

Kitely Market merchants often make tweaks and improvements to their products even after they’ve been released. They’ve told us that they would like to have an easy way to deliver the new version of their products to all the people that had bought them in the past. This is now possible using a feature called “Batch Redeliver”.

To redeliver a product to all the Kitely avatars that had received it in the past, go to the product’s Edit page and click on Batch redeliver:

You will be asked to confirm, and then the latest version of the product will be added to the inventories of all of the Kitely avatars to which it was delivered in the past. These avatars will receive an IM telling them that they received the updated product. (Or an Offline IM, if they’re currently offline.)

This feature doesn’t deliver the updated product to avatars from other grids (i.e. non-Kitely avatars), because that’s very error-prone due to the many problems that can occur when communicating with other grids. The merchant can, however, send a product update to a specific non-Kitely avatar by going to the Sales History page and selecting the “Redeliver” option for that avatar.

Transfer Hypergrid Orders to Kitely

This feature allows Kitely Market merchants to select orders that were originally delivered to another grid, and redeliver them to Kitely avatars.

This feature is intended to be used when a grid shuts down. When that happens the grid’s users lose their inventory, including their Kitely Market purchases. By using this feature the merchant enables their customers to get back their Kitely Market purchases, using their Kitely avatar. Kitely Market has been used to deliver orders to hundreds of OpenSim grids. Since dozens of grids shut down each month, this feature can be very useful for merchants that have customers from a grid that no longer exists.

It is completely up to the merchant to decide whether to use this feature or not. They might use it if they’re contacted by someone who had an avatar on the now closed grid, and transfer only that avatar’s orders. Alternatively, if a merchant hears that a grid has closed, they might decide to transfer all of the purchases that were delivered to any avatar on that grid.  Lastly, the merchant can decide that they would rather handle such cases in other ways and not use this feature at all.

This feature is described in detail here: Transfer Hypergrid Orders to Kitely.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes

In the Kitely Market Sales History page, it’s now possible to search for orders by entering the name of the avatar that received the purchase. Until now it was only possible to search using the name of the user that bought the order. Usually the user that buys the order is also the receiving avatar, but they’re different in the case of Gifts, or when the order is delivered to an avatar on another grid.

We fixed a bug that caused a few fonts to stop working in OpenSim. The affected fonts were the Microsoft ClearType fonts, including Cambria and Calibri.

  • Nice feature. I hope some of the things I bought that didn’t work correctly can be fixed and delivered.

    • Please contact the relevant merchants and ask them to Redeliver those items.

    • chris nam

      indeed, as ilan wrote, if that would happen, its easy to contact the creator in kitely, ive had customers with questions as well (all deliverd good for my customers), they can give u your bought item in kitely-or via the ‘redelivery’ feature 🙂 chris namaste

      • Sadly one particular item never worked, and although the creator initially made contact, they disappeared before it was resolved. The item in question is still for sale, but I left a comment to warn other potential purchasers.

        • It’s good that you’ve done so. If merchants aren’t responsive to their customers then it’s important to state so in your review of their products.

  • FreeDem

    Not being able to keep track of what grids have shut down a really nice thing would be to see a list of those where someone bought and the grid is shut down. computers are so much better at that than people

    • Hi FreeDem,

      Hypergrid Business includes a list of the public grids that have shut down in its monthly grid reports: http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/statistics/

      That said, I agree automating notifications for orders you may wish to use the new Transfer feature for would be a nice feature to have. We’ll add it to our (very long) feature wish list.

      • chris nam

        thx alot ilan & oren for all this mega features! ill need to read good all the new info,its really another great option kitely delivers!

  • One point worth making:

    The Transfer feature is designed to enable merchants to easily and reliably help people recover the items they lost when their grid went down. Delivering those items to the Kitely avatars that belong to the Kitely accounts that were used to buy those items ensures that the process will be completed successfully and without issues. Assuming the bought items were bought with transfer permissions the buyer can then go inworld, teleport with their Kitely avatar to their new grid and give the bought items to their new avatar on that grid.

    In other words, the merchant can easily enable the buyer to regain access to the bought items and it then becomes the buyer’s responsibility to transfer them to whatever new avatar they may have on another grid (or keep them in their Kitely avatar’s inventory if they decide the stability Kitely provides is a good reason to pick Kitely as their home grid…).

    • chris nam

      thx alot for that,xtra,info ilan (i looked for that) 🙂

      a question plz : the column where our customers ‘are in’ say for exemple johnny depp sends to johnny depp at xxx grid. that column is too small to see -)when i go look for, for exemple zangrid(- , is too small to see ‘the grids’ where pple send the item to, we see just a part of the names & cant see grids either. when i click on the names it ‘it does show’ name & grid, would it b possible to make that column wider or ‘mousing over’ -option wld help as well plz? since clicking on each sale is not doable (for me that is), maybe too much work for other pple as well? thx so much for all ! 🙂 chris namaste

      • Thank you for the feedback Chris. We’ll look into improving the visibility of grid names in Sales History pages.

        • chris nam

          thx so much ilan!!!!!!!!!!!!