Use Kitely Without Facebook

We are excited to announce that Facebook is no longer required in order to use Kitely. We now support two of the virtual world community’s most commonly requested alternative login options: using a Twitter account and using an email and password. We still support Facebook logins as well, but you are no longer required to use them.

Create an account using Twitter

Our new login dialog looks like this:

Click on the Twitter button to connect your Twitter account to Kitely.

Your Twitter account affects Kitely in several ways:

  • You can login to Kitely using Twitter.
  • Your name will be linked to your Twitter profile in places such as World Pages and the History table, so that people can see who you are and perhaps follow your tweets.
  • You can use Twitter to restrict who may visit your worlds, if you wish. For example, you can allow only your Twitter followers to enter your worlds, or choose any Twitter List that you subscribe to.

(As a reminder, a similar option exists for Facebook users as well, using your Facebook Friends and the Facebook Groups that you belong to.)

UPDATE March 18, 2015: Facebook will soon stop providing the list of groups their users belong to, so we removed the option of using Facebook Groups for world access control.

Create an account using Email and Password

If you don’t want to use either Facebook or Twitter then you can create an account using an email and password. In the login dialog, click Create a new account and enter your details.

Please note that we recommend using Facebook or Twitter to create accounts, because they allow you to use Facebook Friends and Twitter Lists to manage world access controls. An Email/Password account doesn’t have these options, so it’s less flexible in managing world permissions. In addition, Facebook and Twitter accounts are more secure because they don’t require you to create and remember another password. If you are considering creating an Email/Password account because you don’t want your real identity to be known then we recommend creating a new Twitter account instead: you can hide your real identity that way as well, and you will still have access to all the great features that are only available to Facebook and Twitter users. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to link your Kitely account to an external account then you no longer have to do so.

If you create an Email/Password account then you won’t have a profile image initially, because we get those images from Facebook and Twitter. (The profile image appears in the World Pages of worlds that you create.) However, you can add a profile image by creating a Gravatar. Gravatars are a widely used standard for linking an image with an email address.

OSSL Functions Enabled

We now allow the use of some OSSL scripting functions. These are scripting commands specific to OpenSim (they’re not available in Second Life). We’ve set the “threat level” to Low, so the following function groups are available: None, Very Low and Low.

  • Fleep Tuque

    Congrats Oren!  That’s exciting news!  🙂

    • Thanks Fleep! It’s a big milestone for us, since Facebook was a millstone around our neck. See what I did there…

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  • Dan Holt

    Question–if we’ve logged in before with Facebook, can we change our log in to be through Twitter instead?

    • Princess Ivory

      I’d like to know this too – I’ve already got a world in Kitely, and I don’t want to have to start all over with a new account and avatar.

    • We haven’t made this feature available because it can cause confusion, since your available access controls will change depending on whether you logged-in using Facebook or Twitter. When you login with Twitter you won’t be able to access worlds that require you to belong to a Facebook group and vice versa. If you want to enter such a world then you’ll be required to log out from Kitely and log back in with the appropriate login option.

      However, if you want to be able to use both Facebook and Twitter then we’re happy to help. Send us your Twitter screen name and your Kitely name to and we’ll connect your Twitter account to your existing Facebook-based Kitely account.

      • subquark

        Thanks for the explanation – i will send you an email to see about linking a twitter account to my Facebook account.

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  • James OReilly
  • Scott Merrick

    So in order to set up, say, a classroom that is email-joined, one need only email the url to one’s student email list along with instructions to download, say, Zen viewer and to “come on down!” ? 

    • Hi Scott,

      In principle you’re correct but please note the following:

      – We’re currently working on updating our plugin to support many viewers that the existing plugin doesn’t support (including: Astra Viewer, Cool VL Viewer, Kokua, Firestorm, Phoenix Viewer, Singularity Viewer and Zen Viewer). For the time being, I recommend you instruct your students to use SL v3 with Kitely. The new plugin should be ready within 2 weeks.

      – When the plugin is installed it checks whether the user has the SL viewer, or compatible third part viewer, installed. If the user doesn’t have a viewer installed then Kitely will display an “Install Virtual World Viewer” button that will provide an installer for Imprudence 1.3.2 (we’ll be updating that to a different viewer when we roll out the new plugin version, most likely to Firestorm).

      – Each world has it’s own World Page with a name, description, Enter World button, etc. I suggest you provide your students instructions in the world’s description and then email them that world’s World Page URL.

      – We’ll be rolling out inworld group support sometime next month, once we do so inworld groups will also appear as part of your worlds’ Access options. Until that is available, the only way to keep a world private is to restrict access to your Facebook Friends, a Facebook Group, your Twitter Followers or a Twitter List.

      • Scott

        Excellent. I’m so glad to see that you all are developing ways to enhance security options for educators. That’s long been an adoption-slowing stumbling block. I’ll watch Kitely’s progress with great interest!

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