Kitely Credits as a Virtual Currency, and Web-Based Messaging

We are excited to announce that Kitely now has a fully working virtual currency! You can buy items using Kitely Credits, transfer them to other people, etc. We’ve also added the ability to send messages to other Kitely users from our website, and made a few user-requested improvements.

Kitely Credits as a Virtual Currency

You can now use your Kitely Credits (KC) in-world. This finally makes it possible to sell items, create tip jars, etc. Your KC balance appears in the viewer. (Some viewers show the balance as “L$” instead of “KC”, but it’s still the correct amount.) Unfortunately, the “Buy KC” button doesn’t work in existing viewers because they hard-code it to go to Second Life, so buying KC can still only be done on our website.

All of your KC transactions appear in the History tab. Some transactions can be clicked to get more information, such as the name of the item that you bought or sold.

A “Buy Item” transaction in History

Upcoming Features for Kitely Credits

Kitely Credits are an advanced virtual currency, designed to support low-risk virtual commerce. Every KC is tracked from the moment it is bought until it finally gets redeemed for some Kitely service. We will describe the capabilities of our system in more detail in future posts. In the meantime, we want to let you know about some of the virtual currency features that we’ll be adding soon, so that you can start preparing to take advantage of these opportunities.

In a few weeks we’ll roll out another batch of virtual currency related functionality. First, we’ll add another way for you to earn KC: by setting access charges to your virtual worlds. We’ll also make it possible for you to pay for our monthly plans using Kitely Credits, which means that if you earn enough KC from other people then you will not have to pay any real-world money in order to use Kitely. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we will introduce various anti-fraud mechanisms, which will make it safe to create ATM’s. We do not recommend creating virtual currency ATM’s before that update, except for testing purposes. If you are interested in creating an ATM or Exchange that uses KC then please contact us for more information.

Send Messages to Other Users from the Kitely Website

Until now you didn’t have an easy way to contact people you see on our website without using a third-party service such as Facebook. We’ve therefore added a feature that lets you contact other users directly. Whenever a user name appears in our website, click it to get a small profile window:

Click on “Send Message” to send an Instant Message to the user. The message appears in-world, just as if you had sent it from your avatar. If the user is offline then the message will be saved until the next time they enter any world.

There is a limit of 25 offline messages per user , so if a user doesn’t login for a long time then their inbox might become full and they’ll no longer be able to receive messages.

As you can see in the screenshot, the profile window shows your profile picture. If your account is connected to Facebook or Twitter then we take your profile picture from those services. If your account uses only an Email and Password then you can setup a profile picture by creating a Gravatar. Gravatars are a widely used standard for linking an image with an email address. Alternatively, if you would like to link your existing Email/Password account with your Facebook and/or Twitter profiles then send an email to and we’ll set that up for you.

Changes to Groups Policy

We made a few changes to how OpenSim-based groups (AKA “Avatar Groups”) work in Kitely, to prevent abuse. First, it now costs 100 KC to create a group. Second, users can join a maximum of 100 groups. (Some viewers might show a lower limit, e.g. 42, but we only enforce the limit at 100.) Third, if you create a group then you must add at least one more member (in addition to yourself) within the following 2 days. If the group has only one member after 2 days (or no members) then it will be automatically deleted in order to release the group name for use by a larger group of people.

Existing groups were grandfathered in: they didn’t incur the new charge of 100 KC, and we didn’t delete them even if they had only one member.

Other Improvements

Kitely Plugin now supports the Teapot viewer.

For scripters: we increased the limit of listeners per object to 500 (from 64). The limit per region is still 1000, as before.

We’ve made it easier to view worlds in the Public Worlds page. Previously, if you clicked on a world (which opens its World Page), and then clicked the browser’s Back button, then the search started all over again from the first page of results. Now you will return to the page of results that you were last at, so you can continue browsing where you left off.

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  • C3

    so how do i set an object inworld to “rt click to buy for 500 kc”  etc. etc?

  • Hi Oren, a few things need clarification…

    Would you agree that the new feature “Sending messages from the Kitely website” means the following?

    Kitely message sending
    – Sequential 1-way 
    – asynchron
    – Inbox: Conversation box of the according viewer

    Facebook message sending
    – Instant 2-way
    – synchron & asychron
    – Inbox: FB Chat pop-up box or FB Message list

    • Hi James,

      Sending a message from the Kitely site has the same delivery logic as sending it from inside your viewer:

      – Sending a message from the Kitely site to a person that is currently
      inworld will deliver that message to that user immediately (using the

      – Sending a message from the Kitely site to someone who isn’t inworld works asynchronously and will be delivered to that person (using the viewer) the next time he or she goes inworld.

      You can’t currently see your contact list or the list of messages waiting for you without going inworld.

      Sending a message using Facebook currently works as you described.

  • Thank you for the return to launch-point page in the public directory. For the first time it’s possible to make progressive progress though all the public worlds in the directory… Fantastic!

    • Thanks Lawrence.

      As you know, this feature was requested in last week’s Kitely Mentors Group meeting. We think it’s important that people will know that they too can have a say in how Kitely develops. We listen… 🙂

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  • That’s so awesome! I am missing Kitely like crazy. Just work, work, work…hopefully I can free up some time soon to get back in and take advantage of all these fantastic new rollouts. I’m so happy for you guys! Awesome job! 

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  • Cool but why is there a limit on IMs of all things?  Those are extremely trivial to support, even more trivial than a regular mailing list.  I don’t get why you would want to cap it at 15 unless it is a rather draconian anti-spam mechanism.  

    On the currency, is it redeemable to regular world currency?   What kind of mechanisms are in place to stabilize its value? 

    I am curious why the number of listeners in a region should limited to any less than (P-R) / N where P is number of ports on physical machine, R is number of reserved ports and N is the max number of live regions to run on the machine.    1000 scripts with listeners seems a tad limited.

    • Hi Samantha,

      There is a cap of 25 offline messages, i.e. messages that can’t be delivered immediately and must be stored until the recipient logs in again. This is the same cap level that is used in Second Life. The cap exists because offline messages create a lot of load on SL / OpenSim grids and, unfortunately, there are people who try to grief grids by flooding them with IMs.

      There are people who sell items using KC, and Kitely accepts payments for its services using KC, but no one has yet to open an exchange for trading them for real money.

      OpenSim attempts to imitate SL in many design decisions and often copies limits that exist in SL. There are also limits that OpenSim’s developers added in order to prevent inefficiencies that result from their choice of data structures and algorithms from becoming a source of high server load. Those later limitations can be removed/improved by making architectural changes to OpenSim. However, as OpenSim is a community-driven open source project, these things often wait until someone capable of making these changes decides to working on them instead of working on making other desired improvements.

  • An exchange service for kc back to real dollars would be great and the last missing part of the perfect service of kitely and will boost the growing of members i believe.

    • Thanks Manuel, many other people are asking for this as well.

  • Taydom Jeffs

    Can you make a way that you can work for other people to earn kc? or does that already exist if it does how do you work for other people then?

    • People can transfer KC between each other inworld using the viewer. You’d need to come to a personal agreement with someone you wish to work for about using KC (if that is your intent).

      Please note that, as stated in our terms of service, KC may not be refunded, traded, exchanged, transferred, or sold. Their use is strictly inside Kitely for inworld trade, in Kitely Market (for product listings that accept KC as payment) and for Kitely services (we accept payment for our own service in both US Dollars and in Kitely Credits).