Kitely Is Now Significantly Faster than Regular OpenSim

We updated Kitely today with system improvements that make Kitely perform significantly better than regular OpenSim: worlds start faster, assets appear more quickly, and lag after login has almost been eliminated.

Worlds Start Faster

Kitely worlds are not always on, so sometimes they need to be started when someone enters them. Kitely was already much faster at starting worlds than regular OpenSim, and today we improved startup times even more, especially for complex worlds.

Assets Appear More Quickly

Kitely’s cloud-based asset system had already provided superior performance to regular OpenSim’s assets service. We’ve spent the last few weeks optimizing it further and now it performs even better, especially in serving textures to viewers.

Significant Improvements to Login Lag

Entering an OpenSim region is often accompanied by noticeable lag while OpenSim downloads assets and inventory. This lag affects everyone in the region; not just the user that entered. Our newly improved cloud-based assets and inventory systems almost eliminate this lag, providing unparalleled responsiveness when entering a world. Try moving around when you just entered a world to experience this for yourself!

Important Note Regarding These Optimizations

The aforementioned login-time optimizations require some preparation for each world. These preparations will run automatically the first time you start the world. This means that the optimizations will only take effect starting with the second time that the world is started.

Other Improvements

Following user requests, we added an option to remove a world’s picture. You can find this feature in the Advanced tab of the Manage World dialog: next to the picture you’ll now see a link called “Remove picture”.

Following another user request, we added Angstrom to the list of viewers that the Kitely Plugin supports.

World pictures now appear faster in the Public Worlds page, enabling you to see the search results page with less waiting.

Published by

Oren Hurvitz

Oren Hurvitz is the Co-Founder and VP R&D of Kitely.