Removing Metered Worlds and Introducing Premium Worlds

We’re announcing a change to how Metered Worlds work, and we’re naming this new option Premium Worlds. If you’re a Regular Account user who has Metered Worlds in your account then make sure to read this blog post.

UPDATE, June 19 2014:  due to some misunderstandings, we want to clarify that the changes described below only affect world managers. Users who visit Kitely worlds never have to pay, regardless of their account type, and this hasn’t changed.

Kitely offers two ways for world managers to pay for virtual worlds:

Fixed-Price Worlds – the world manager pays a fixed cost per month (starting at $14.95), and then never has to pay anything more to use the world. In particular, the world manager doesn’t need to pay when users visit the world.

Premium Worlds (formerly called Metered Worlds) – the world manager doesn’t pay a fixed cost per month to use these worlds, but instead pays a small fee for various actions performed on the world. In particular, when Regular Account and Hypergrid users visit the world, the world manager pays 1 KC / minute for each such user. (Premium Account users can visit Premium Worlds without costing the world manager anything.)

The change that we’re announcing today is that from now on only users with a Premium Account will be able to create Premium Worlds. That’s the reason that we renamed them (from “Metered Worlds”): to emphasize that having Premium Worlds is a benefit that is reserved for users with Premium Accounts.

Despite this change, there are still ways that users with a Regular Account can end up with a Premium World. E.g., if they created the world while they had a Premium Account, but later they downgraded to a Regular Account. In such cases we don’t delete the worlds: they remain in the users’ accounts. However, only users with a Premium Account will be able to visit them: Regular Account and Hypergrid users will be prevented from visiting a Premium World that belongs to a user with a Regular Account. Note that this includes the world manager herself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Kitely making this change?

A: Premium Worlds are an insanely good deal, which no-one but Kitely offers because only a company that automatically provisions cloud computing resources like we do can afford to provide so many virtual worlds for such a low price. However, it turns out that the deal was a little too insane on our part, as our profits on Metered Worlds are measured in cents per active user-hour. This would have been sufficient if we had tens of thousands of active users, but we don’t, and so the clear preference of Regular Account users to use Metered Worlds instead of Fixed-Price Worlds deprived us of the revenue that we need to grow the company. By requiring a Premium Account in order to create Premium Worlds we will receive some recurring revenue from each active Kitely world owner, thus improving our financial standing and long-term viability.

Even after this change Premium Worlds are still by far the cheapest way to get many virtual worlds, since you can get 5 full-size regions with 100,000 prims each for just $19.95 / month (plus a few KC when Regular Account and Hypergrid users visit these worlds).

Q: Does this change affect me?

A: If you only visit other people’s worlds, but don’t own your own worlds, then this change doesn’t affect you at all. The rest of this FAQ is only relevant for world managers.

If you have a Premium Account then this change doesn’t affect you either (even if you do manage your own worlds).

If you have a Regular Account but your worlds are all Fixed-Price Worlds then this change will be barely noticeable. The only change you’ll feel is if you Copy one of your worlds, because the new copy is always a Premium World, and as a Regular Account user you won’t be able to visit it. But the copied world can still serve as a snapshot of the state of your world, and you can Export it, or change it to a Fixed-Price World later.

If you have a Regular Account and you own any Premium Worlds then you will no longer be able to visit your worlds, nor allow other users to visit them (except for users with a Premium Account). See the next question for what you should do.

Q: I have a Regular Account, and I own some Premium Worlds. What are my options?

A: Your first option is to upgrade to a Premium Account ($19.95 / month). This will allow you to create Premium Worlds, and to permit Regular Account and Hypergrid users to visit your Premium Worlds. A Premium Account includes 5 free premium regions, so whatever you’re currently paying for world storage fees (10 KC / region / month) will probably be lower. A Premium Account will also allow you to visit your worlds for free (currently you pay 1 KC / minute for the time you spend in your worlds). And finally, a Premium Account lets you visit virtual worlds that are only open to users with a Premium Account (this is a common access restriction).

Your second option is to change your worlds to be Fixed-Price Worlds. E.g., a Starter World costs $14.95 / month. This will allow both yourself and anyone else to visit the world without costing you anything. If you choose this option then you can remain on the Regular Account.

And finally, you can choose to do nothing. We will not delete your Premium Worlds: they’ll remain in your account (as long as you pay the storage fees of 10 KC / region / month). However, since you have a Regular Account you will not be able to visit them – only users with a Premium Account will be able to visit these worlds.

Q: Does Kitely still provide a free trial period to new users who want to create a world?

A: Yes, if you’re a new user then you still get a free 1-region Premium World that will remain in your account indefinitely. We also give you 6 free hours in-world to try out your world. The free trial period allows you to visit your Premium World even though you have a Regular Account. However, this doesn’t extend to other users, so other users can only visit this world if they have a Premium Account. In addition, once the trial period ends you will not be able to visit your world anymore. If you upgrade to a Premium Account then you’ll be able to continue visiting your world, as well as allowing other users (not just users with a Premium Account) to visit it.

Please note that we don’t require you to give us your billing information in order to get this free trial period.

Q: When does this change take effect?

A: Users with a Regular Account can’t create new Premium Worlds: this change is effective immediately.

However, users with a Regular Account that have existing Premium Worlds in their account have a grace period until July 1, 2014. During this grace period, Regular Account and Hypergrid users will still be allowed to visit these worlds. On July 1 the full rules described above will take effect, so Regular Account and Hypergrid users will no longer be able to visit these worlds.

  • Carlos Loff

    I understand the need to benefit better paying members, and this change can be considered fair, but I thing there is only 1 thing missing that can help Kitely develop more and better

    There should be always a 1st month metered allowance for Regular Accounts

    Im the best example

    I started a 16 region world and it takes time to build its foundations and get it ready for first visits, so I don’t benefit from the fact others can visit and prefere to save money wile its not ready and running

    Paying only for time was the main factor for me to deice this investment, otherwise I would not jump into a 16 world if I had to pay full fixed upfront

    Because wile Im building, and 16 regions needs lots of building and planing, I don’t need anyone to visit and its a clear advantage to pay only the usage time, it gives me time to breathe and plan that big world

    Of course after its built I will upgrade to premium so everyone can visit and some business helps the premium 16 regions fixed price – Its a natural followup – Who would build a 16 World and stay Regular, not opening it to Regular users and Hypergrid ???

    So my suggestions is – Allow 1st month to be metered and at the 1st day of following month – Must go Premium

    Allow “small fish” to setup and get bigger and help Kitely getting bigger and richer, otherwise everyone will stick to 1 or 4 regions

    Thanks and keep up the good work

    • Guest

      Don’t get me wrong but doesn’t this kinda mean that everyone needs to become a Premium member just to be able to have a world on Kitely that they want to open up to the public either through HG or other means ?

      • No Fly Man, they can remain on the Regular account and simply use one of the fixed-price world options. For example, our Starter World, which by default is open to all Kitely users and to Hypergrid visitors, costs just $14.95/month.

    • Hi Carlos,

      The Premium Account isn’t just for enabling other to visit your world, it’s for being able to enter your own Premium Worlds as well. Following this change, your only added charge to what you would have paid prior to this charge is another is another $15.95/month (see below) and that is before taking into consideration that your time in the Metered World would have cost you while it would not have cost you in the Premium World with a Premium Account. If you spent a bit more than 2.5 hours per day building during that first month you would have needed to spend more than $16 in KC for time-based fees, making it better to go with a Premium Account to begin with.

      – Prior to this change, Regular Accounts included 1 free Metered regions so you’d have needed
      to pay $15/month in KC for creating a 16-region world while the Premium
      Account includes 5 free Metered regions so you’d only need to pay for 11
      extra regions.

      – 2.5 hours per day * 30 days * $0.20/hour = $15 in time based fees

      • Carlos Loff

        You are right, fair enough

  • Being semi-disabled and on a fixed income, I cannot afford a Premium account.

    • Fly Man

      I think you have a point here Sarge, it seems that Kitely has been a good grandfather in the past that gave you some change when you had a good rapport card.

      And now it has turned into the bad Dad that wants you to pay back all that change to your Grandfather because he’s (nearly) going broke.

      • Hi Fly Man, we’re not charging anyone for past activities and we’re giving people more than two weeks notice to decide how they wish to proceed.

        Even after this pricing change, Kitely still charges a lot less than other hosted solutions and that is even before you consider that Kitely offers a solution that works better than regular OpenSim and gives each sim more server resources than other grids and OpenSim hosting companies do.

    • Carlos Loff

      Premiums are mainly for building on land and who wants a land can find the same goods for much much much less money than on SL, on this issue Kitely falled from the sky and its Patadise

    • Carlos Loff

      Come to my 16 region resort and take a 7.056 sq mts island with 1.000 prims free to build and run whatever you fancy and it will only cost you 5$ a month full land rights except terraform

      Visit CORAL HOMES – Ready to open in next 3 days, already open to first visitors – Sealife arrives today

    • I want to thank everyone who has offered me land rentals. The problem is that I cannot afford rentals. At the end of the month I have just $20 left. Canadian. That is currently a little over $18 US. After paying my subscription to EVE Online (US$14.99) I don’t have enough to rent land.

      And I am NOT giving up EVE. Its my escape from everything.

  • Dot

    Don’t panic. It might be that some of us with spare Premium regions could help out others of restricted means on Regular Accounts who would like to continue to build in Kitely. Perhaps we could discuss possibilities on the Kitely forums.

    • Min

      Agree Dot – this is actually the start of making private renting out options getting sense: premium accounts can rent out split areas with still significant space and prims to regular users – I’m happy to do so and others as well for sure.
      This can make land available to players woith low budget at very reasonable pricing!

      • Carlos Loff

        I just jumped into that – Coral Homes is about to open – Any Regular can get a 7.056m private island with 1.000 free prims per only 5$ a month – A 16 regions coral lagoon resort with common areas and rental islands – Please visit

  • Fly Man

    Don’t get me wrong here but doesn’t this kinda mean that everyone needs to become a Premium member just to be able to have a world on Kitely that they want to open up to the public either through HG or other means ?

    • No Fly Man, they can remain on the Regular account and simply use one of
      the fixed-price world options. For example, our Starter World, which by
      default is open to all Kitely users and to Hypergrid visitors, costs
      just $14.95/month.

      • So if I had my current 5 worlds fixed at 15 a month, I’d essentially be paying 75 bucks for 5 worlds? Don’t get me wrong Ilan, <3 Kitely, but every time I come back from a break iz different and I no longer know what I'm even buying. I just roll with it since I've not been here much. Once my time picks up, this is going to matter.

        Plus, at one point I was paying 30 bucks and then 70 I think for unlimited and had 100 regions at one point or 20 – something, forgot but over a dozen for less than 100 a month…why is that no longer an option? How did 75 a month go from unlimited use on 20 regions or more to 5 regions and no access without an additional 20 bucks preimium account fee?

        Hopefully you see why this is concerning me and apparently everyone else who may or may not understand what the changes are all about.

        • Like many companies our offering changes over time. Whenever we made such changes we allowed people with active monthly subscriptions for a particular service to retain that service at that price point for as long as they paid for it. We even provided notice ahead of time so people will be able to order the option they wanted and have it grandfathered in before it was discontinued. You can see the notices about these (then upcoming) changes in our blog.

          You, unfortunately, discontinued paying for the options you had in the past so you didn’t retain them. As those options are no longer available, you can’t reorder them now. Had you continued paying for them you would have still had them.

  • Gabe

    This really blows it all for me – thought the whole point of kitely was to pass savings on to the resident, with sims not being online all the time. I will not be able to afford a premium on kitely. It kinda ruins the whole on-demand idea for me. I’m not mad about it but I mean kitely you have to do what you have to do.

    • We do still pass most savings on to our users, for example, our Starter World costs just $14.95/month for a full region with 15,000 prims and up to 10 concurrent avatars. This isn’t some standalone, it utilizes our entire optimized cloud-based grid infrastructure, and it gets a lot more server resources than always-on service providers can afford to offer their customers at anything close to this price.

      • Gabe

        Thanks for the reply llan. Totally understand why you changed now but just sucks as your metered regions were very appealing to some people I was having convert over from SL to Kitely. It was really one of the big selling points for me to get people to move over to Kitley try it out then from there move up to a paid premium membership. This pretty much destroys what I was working on. I don’t know how I can convince people that are against paying premiums in SL to move over to Kitley now as there are many options out there in the Metaverse for them to choose from.

        • New users still get 6 hours free to try out a Premium World. Once those are over they don’t have to switch to a Premium Account, they can go for a $14.95/month Starter World, which is a full region with 15,000 prims and up to 10 concurrent avatars.

          Even after this change, we still provide much better service, running more advanced technology on more powerful servers at a lower cost than the alternative options in the metaverse.

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  • Daniel Hoffman

    I am a little confused by the pricing… but I think it is really mainly terminology and not the actual pricing structure, if that makes sense. And unfortunately, while wracking my brain, I’ve not come up with better terminology. If I do, I will make a suggestion.

    However, I WILL say that I am on the Silver Plan now (which I think stays basically the same/grandfathered in?), and at that price, I get HEAP TONS of land, and for astronomically less than I’d pay darned near anywhere else unless I hosted my own regions on my own computer with all the headache that implies. It’s less than I paid for one region using (a very good, by the way, and I love them!) hosting service on OSGrid or Metropolis Grid for a single region, and it’s grotesquely less than a single region on Second Life would be. Add to that a few products on the Kitely Market that sell here and there, and the bargain is even better.

    I hear you about fixed incomes, but I figure I’m getting all this for the price of… *counts on fingers*… about 7 or 8 lattes a month in the area I live in the real world. For me, totally worth it and totally affordable. 🙂

    • Thank you Daniel 🙂

      Yes, your grandfathered Silver Plan, which is now called “Premium Account (Silver)”, continues to offer the same benefits as it did prior to this change.

      • Daniel Hoffman

        Spiffy. Then I am a happy camper. Thanks, Ilan and your team, for doing the hard work you do and being as accessible to talk to as you are.

  • Inara Pey

    So, just to be clear. As a regular account holder with Metered-now-Premium world, I’ll no longer be able to access that world from July 1st?

    • That is correct Inara, but other people who are on Premium Accounts will be able to continue visiting it without you needing to pay for their time inworld.

      To retain access to that world either upgrade to the Premium Account or switch it to from being a Premium World to being a Starter World (or one of the other fixed-price world options).

      Please note that, in any case, you can export your world to an OAR file so you’ll have a local backup of it which you can use elsewhere.

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  • Carlos Loff

    Finally I got it – In my case I want a 16 region world that allows everyone to visit and spend the less money possible

    In my specific case my goal is to have lots of people (Im bringing them from outside) all the time on my world – so many regular visitors and so much time each one that allowing regulars and hypers to pay per minute would get crazy expensive

    So in practice – To run a 16 region world with no visitors charges we need to Pay 19,99$ premiumship + 99,99 fixed 16 = 119,98$

    I know most people will save by keeping visitors charges but NOT ME

    So I can’t have a fixed advanced world without being premium ???

    Or can I stay Regular Account and have a fixed time 16 regions world ???

    • Hi Carlos,

      You can be on a Regular Account and get the fixed-price Advanced World for $99.95/month. You don’t have to also get a Premium Account for that.

      • Question please, based on this scenario. what would be the best route to have a fixed price 16 region world and be a premium acct thing and not be charging people per minute to visit?

        I think that’s where I’m fuzzy on the new changes so I can’t officially say I hate it or it’s cool ;-p

        Here’s my preference: as many as 16 worlds (give or take a few, just having the option for however many more or less is the point, but using 16 as an example)…I’m not charged additional for any time on it, and neither is anyone else being charged to be on it, regardless of whatever acct they want. I can buy KC for uploading worlds, and for whatever the market thing is when I get to that stage.

        And I’m not nickel and dimed to death over misc fees for every little thing. I prefer one price for X quantity, end of transaction. What is required to make that happen?

        • First, people visiting your world are never charged for the time they spend inside it (they used to but we changed how this works a while back). The only person who may be charged for that time is you if you have the world set up as a Premium World and elected to enable Regular Account and hypergrid visitors to visit it.

          If you prefer not to be charged for time then either go for Premium Worlds and limit access to them to Premium Account users or get fixed-price worlds (i.e. one or more Starter Worlds, Standard Worlds, or Advanced Worlds). The fixed-price worlds also include free OAR exporting/importing so you don’t have to pay 150 KC for each such operation like you do with Premium Worlds.

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  • Carlos Loff

    If we read the services page again all confusion goes away – We do not need to be premium to have cheap great worlds open to everyone

  • I could genuinely use some clarification on what sort of account exactly I have at this point. I know last year some time I had a gold standard sort, I think I was paying 30 something a month for 20 regions. Then it went up to an option for unlimited. Then I went on hiatus for months and many changes happened…

    Now I’m paying $19 for who knows what, and have 5 regions in my acct holdings, 4 of which are a multi thing.

    I love Kitely, I truly do and want to keep using it…even changed up my whole acct thing for a new project I’m excited about. I’ve still got real world priorities that are pulling me from being inworld and involved with Kitely like I was awhile ago and I miss all the meetings and chats with Ilan and meeting the new people and forum…it’s like I’m a n00b all over again and nobody even knows me ;-p

    I am also in full agreement and supportive of Kitely doing what it needs to do to make money and enjoy a a profit and will adapt to all these structure changes with minimal fuss.


    if I find out that whatever account I have means I’m paying 20 bucks a month for 5 worlds I can’t even access, we’re gonna have a problem. 🙂

    Personally, it all seems more convoluted than it needs to be. Why not just go with a flat rate – for X amount, you’re a member, here’s the # of regions that go with it, and here’s how much we charge to upload worlds or use the marketplace…and be done with it? Why all the constant shifting between metered and fixed and gold and grandfathered and premium? In SL, it’s here’s 16000 for the island and 300 a month to keep it, and 10 to upload anything…and people paid that. I’ve even done it and had to quit before it bankrupted me.

    Since Kitely can offer the same thing at lower rates, what was so wrong with the earlier structure of 30 a month for Xamount of regions, end of story? Is it absolutely necessary to even have a fixed rate or charging credits for regular people and not for premium?

    Why not one price per region and charge for smaller things and stop trying to capture the visitation door charge?

    Just asking…don’t wig out. Thanks!

    (old account…haven’t changed to the new one…)

    • Hi Serenity,

      There are fixed-price options where you just pay a fixed monthly price for a world and aren’t charged extra for time people spend inside it. Those are the Starter Worlds, Standard World and Advanced World. You can order as many of these worlds as you like, paying more the more worlds you order.

      There is also an option for cheaper land ownership by going with Premium Worlds and a Premium Account. The limit there being that if you want people who aren’t Premium Account users to be able to visit your Premium Worlds then you’ll have to pay for the time they spend inside them. This option exists because a lot of people prefer it over using fixed-price
      worlds. Those people would not be able to afford doing what they are
      doing on Kitely without the cost savings this option provides them.

      Lastly, there are people who were on Kitely long enough to have had access to some other options we no longer offer. Those people who’ve never stopped paying for those options got the benefit of having them grandfathered in (they lose that benefit if they ever stop paying for them). As you stopped paying for those options they are no longer available to you. This option exists because we believe it is fair to give people who never stopped paying us the benefit of retaining the options they had ordered (we posted about this in the blog ahead of time to give people the option of ordering and having what they ordered grandfathered in).

      That’s it. Nothing very complicated at all.

  • Motley Mariposa

    What about Regular accounts? I have a few renters that can’t afford a
    Premium Account. I charge 4 to 8 a month. AND I pay the KCs for their
    usage. And now you’re telling me they can’t even visit the French
    Quarter (which they have as “Home”) because it’s a Premium World and they’re Regular account holders?!

    • Hi Motley, you misunderstood our blog post.

      You have a grandfathered Premium Account (Silver), so you get to retain the ability to enable Regular Account users to visit your Premium Worlds by (you) paying for their time spent in your world. In other words, this does not affect you or your renters.

      This change only affects people who have Premium Worlds but do not have Premium Accounts – they can no longer pay for time non-Premium Account users spend in their worlds so, starting July 1, their Premium Worlds will no longer allow non-Premium Account users to enter them.

      • Motley Mariposa

        Thank you for your reply Ilan. I definitely did misunderstand the post.Thought I was going to have a heart attack lol.

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  • Lina

    Do I understand right:

    when I upgrate to Premium Account and choose Premium World- I will pay 19,95 $ US/ month

    + 150 KC per OAR load/ copy world
    + 1 KC / min per metaverse and non premium visitor

    and may have up to 5 regions for free??

    Sorry, I have to ask because my English
    is limited and I dont want to missunderstand your pricing .

    Greetings 🙂

    • Hi Lina,

      Yes Lina, upgrading to the Premium Account costs $19.95 and enables you to create 5 regions in Premium Worlds for free. You won’t need to pay for the time you or any other Premium Account user will spend in those worlds. You will, however, be charged 1 KC per minute for each hypergrid and Regular Account user that visits your Premium Worlds. OAR file operations on Premium Worlds cost 150 KC.

      Alternatively you can remain on the Regular Account and go for one of our fixed-price world types (Starter World, Standard World, or Advanced World). Fixed price worlds don’t cost you money when anyone (Regular Account, Premium Account or Hypergrid user) visits them and you are not charged for their OAR file operations. Just to clarify, you can also get fixed-price worlds and a Premium Account.

      • Lina

        Thank you for your quick answer Ilan,
        Now I see clearer and know I wasn`t wrong.
        I will think about it and then decide.

        • Great, please let us know if you have any further questions.

  • Iris Dolphin

    So confusing.. I guess I will have to change to a Premium Account now.. Dang, I was trying to save some money for Dr bills for a bit..
    I really like Kiley, but the terms are so confusing. and always changing. I now wished I had stayed with them before January of this year, I would still be grandfathered ?? Darn.

  • Iris Dolphin

    So confusing.. i guess I Have to get a Premium Account.. I do like Kitely, but it is so confusing all the changes in pricing. I really wish I had kept the plan I had back before the pricing changed last January.. i guess I would have been Silver or palatium or something like that.. Oh well. Just changed to premium Account. does that mean I can go to my land without paying now?? Is that all included in the price? Oh who knows? I am really lost..

    • Hi Iris,

      Yes, had you stayed with the plan you had last year, you would have still had it grandfathered in now.

      With a Premium Account you can spend as much time as you like in any of your worlds without it costing you anything (it never costs you to visit your own fixed-price worlds even if you’re on a Regular Account and everyone can visit other people’s worlds for free).

      Is there anything else you’d like clarifications about? 🙂

  • Molly Cybertar

    I joined Kitely to visit the worlds created by other builders. Now i can’t visit the places I want to see, since I have a regular account. My present parcel is fine for my needs. Would it be possible to issue a pass for ‘tourists’ like me at a lesser cost? I would think the builders of worlds would want people to enjoy what they are doing.

    • Hi Molly,

      I recommend you contact the person whose world you wish to visit and ask them to allow Regular Account users to visit their worlds. You can contact the person by going to that world’s world page, clicking the world manager’s name then selecting the Send Message option.

      The world manager will be able to grant Regular Account users access by selecting a checkbox in the access tab of that world’s Manage World dialog.

    • Carlos Loff

      I think that is a false question because all the world creators have very cheap ways for allowing you free access – A world creator wants visitors or clients to flow in and comeback – He/she woul be a fool to expect Regulars to pay for entrance on their World cause it would be doomed to loneliness – Creators pay for visitors – no stress

  • Carlos Loff

    Rental Price Suggestion – What do Regular Users think about this – Renting a 13.000 sq mts Land with 1.250 prims allowance and all full land rights except terraform, Moderate World – And it would cost you only 5$ per Month – FAIR ENOUGH ???

    Would you Regulars go for it if the lands were 1/5 of sim islands (13.000sq mts) integrated on common coral oceans with sea life and small public themed islands in between the private Lands ???

  • OK so I joined Kitely way back in the invite only stages… (I think I am only a few days younger than Ilan;)

    I built a sim back then, answered questions in the forums and then after a few months got distracted and made my home in Inworldz.

    Now some IW friends are using Kitely as well and we want to be able to visit together on Kitely.

    I never paid any premiums so I guess I am a Regular Account – however I have no KC and cant even log into my own world any longer.

    As my sim is not a premium sim will it be deleted?

    What happens to a regular account when the unpaid for test sim that
    comes with a regular account is deleted? (or in my case a never paid for
    regular sim gets deleted – not being a premium sim of some form?)

    At the moment I cant afford even US$15/month to retain it as a fixed price sim which would mean I would then need to find extra if I even hung out on it building…. (and for the moment I dont need the 5 sims that come with the also unaffordable US$20/month of premium membership) but I dont want to lose the sim. I suppose I will have to export it as an OAR until such time as I can afford to pay for its hosting? How large is such a file? And as i dont have any KC how can i do this?

    If I read the posting correctly I can’t visit my Premium Friends in Kitely unless they have made their Premium Sims open for all (which they have for at least some of their land but not all as they had some as invite only). Is this correct? And while visiting them on such sims I will be costing them about a dollar an hour?

    The way this grid is heading (and I suppose it has always been) is pay as you go (in some form) either the user pays a premium or the sim owner pays for their presence and if renting to regular users charges them accordingly. So it is not a Free Access grid. Not sure how this will work to attract and retain new virtual world users.

    • Hi quadrapop,

      You’re currently on a Regular Account and your existing Premium World will not be deleted unless you want it to be. Your world will continue to be stored in your account and remain open to Premium Account users for free (unless you change the Access setting for that world to prevent them from doing so).

      Having a world is not a requirement for having any type of Kitely account so nothing will happen to your Regular Account if you do choose to delete your world from it.

      Exporting a Premium World to an OAR file costs 150 KC per export (exporting fixed-price worlds is free). This is equal to $0.50-$0.75 depending on the discount rate you got when buying those Kitely Credits. You can buy KC for as little as $5. In any case, as stated previously, you don’t have to export your world to retain it as it will remain stored as a Premium World in your Kitely account unless you either upgrade it or delete it.

      There are more than 5600 user regions in Kitely of which many are open to Regular Account users. You don’t have to meet your friends in their own Premium Worlds you can meet them in other worlds as well. You can even build in various sandboxes, including this official one:

      If your friends have a fixed-price world then it doesn’t cost them anything when anyone visits it. If they have a Premium Account and a Premium World then they are charged 1 KC per minute per non-Premium Account user visiting that world (they can limit access to Premium Account users if they prefer). This comes to about $0.20/hour per such visitor (when buying KC at max discount rate).

      Kitely, like all other grids, enables people to visit other people’s worlds for free and like other grids we charge people money if they want to have regions on our grid. Our fixed-price region-hosting options are cheaper than other commercial grids and we also offer a metered-access option to Premium Account users who prefer paying for usage rather than paying a fixed monthly price. The fact that we offer this metered option doesn’t make us any less free access to people who visit worlds than grids that only enable world managers to pay a fixed-price for having a region on their grid.

      This metered access option enables us to allow people who have never paid us to have a free trial period owning their own region and keeping that region stored in their account until they decide they wish to upgrade (even allowing Premium Account users to visit it without it costing you or them anything). Many people who understand this deal find it more attractive than the alternative pricing models offered by other grids.

  • Serendipity Seraph

    I have a grandfathered Gold Account so it doesn’t change much for me. Except there are charges for a few extra things like exporting and importing oars.

    I am curious about one thing though. To me a big draw to Kitely was support for up to 100 users on a region and 100,000 prims. To get that on a not metered world is nearly $100/month. I personally think a fairer price, especially with the load on demand strategy keeping Kitely region server costs down, would be around $70 for that as a non-metered world. That would also be more competitive against inworldz which is probably your heaviest competition with their rich economy and established population and communities. They charge $75 / month for a full region with 45,000 prims and up to 60 avatars (some regions have been tested up to 117 avatars). So a bit lower cost for Kitely’s superior regions seems like a good plan to tempt more people to Kitely who are on inworldz or choosing between them. Thoughts?

    • Hi Serendipity,

      Premium Worlds / Metered Worlds have always had charges for
      importing/exporting OAR files. This hasn’t changed. The charges were
      changed from 10 KC / region to a fixed 150 KC but that was a long time
      before we made this recent pricing change.

      Regarding pricing, there is a huge difference in the amount of server resources required to support 45,000 prims with 60 avatars and 100,000 prims with 100 avatars. The $99.95/month Advanced World also enables you to build worlds that are up to 16 regions in size, as opposed to the single region you get for $75/month from inworldz. If the cost is too high for you you can select the $49.95/month Standard World from Kitely to get 60,000 prims and 40 avatars in a world that is up to 4 regions in size.

      • Serendipity Seraph

        Thanks, Ilan. It isn’t that the pricing isn’t reasonable but that it seems to me you could even further beat the pants of inworldz and such with a bit different price while the Kitely economy and user base is building out. Just a thought.

        And yes, to be honest it is also an easier sell to me personally for a non-metered world for me at the lower price but I do want to have the world support up to 100 avatars rather than 40. Forty is too easy to get popular for a meeting or two and have problems with from SL experience. But it will be a while before I on average expect that kind of concurrent avatar load much less use the full prim allowance.

        I didn’t look hard but I didn’t see an easy way on the world management pages to change a metered world to non-metered or vice versa or go from standard non-metered to premium non-metered for that matter. Did I just miss it or is there some other procedure when I decide to make such changes?

        • There is a “change world type” link in the Basic tab of the Manage World dialog. You open that dialog by pressing the Manage link in the My Worlds page. You can change world types at any point during the month. Downgrades take effect on the 1st of the following month (as you’ve already paid for the more expensive world) and upgrades are pro-rated and take effect immediately.

  • Leora Jacobus

    I have – and will keep – a regular account. I have – and will keep – a
    metered (now “Premium”) world called “Free-Avatar-Island”.- I give away
    free stuff there for pimping you Avatar. I do not need to visit this
    world myself (if I want to change it I use OAR-upload) but as I run a
    shop in the marketplace and have some Kitely Credits and no use for them
    I would like to pay for my own minutes like before. Couldn’t you make
    that possible? People opting to pay for their minutes if a regular
    member wants to visit premium worlds?

    • Hi Leora,

      We had to stop allowing Regular Account users to pay for metered access because too many people were using this option instead of subscribing for one of the options which provide us with predictable recurring revenue (i.e. getting a Premium Account and/or fixed-priced worlds).

      With that option removed, people have started switching back to subscribing for services which allow us to have the revenue we need to continue developing Kitely. Bringing that option back would not make business sense for us and would be against your best interest as well as it would jeopardize our profitability and thus put our continued existence at risk.

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