Database Storage System Upgrade

We upgraded our infrastructure today with a faster storage device for the main system database. Until now, this database was stored on a regular (magnetic) hard disk. This hard disk was sufficient for our needs until a couple of days ago, when it started limiting the speed in which our system could handle database requests. We have therefore decided to upgrade our database to run on an SSD (a fast flash-memory-based hard disk) to help us keep up with the increasing usage of Kitely worlds.

By the way, the world nodes (the servers that run OpenSim) have been using SSDs since 2014.

  • Thanks! Great to see this upgrade in performance. Keep up the great work!

  • Dymoon Q Canaille

    upgrade might be good .. but new to Kitely I cannot find anyone to help me. I purchased an item, and can not find a place to open the box so I can access the hair I purchased.
    the other problem is no one is here to advise me on the currency. I bought KC thinking I could use it to purchase things, and find that many merchants don’t give me that option? China Dream

    • Hi Dymoon,

      You can rezz items from your boxes on the free Kitely Merchants Sandbox that appears in the Destinations section of the Kitely viewer login page (click the name of that world then click the viewer Login button to login into that world). You can also click the Enter World button on this page to login into that world:

      You can ask questions on the Kitely forums:

      You can also send an email to our contact address:

      Alternatively, you can send me an inworld IM with your question.

      Finally, there is a support sign in the Kitely Welcome Center where you can see which Kitely greeters are currently inworld and send them a message with your question.

      As for which items you can buy in Kitely Market using Kitely Credits, you can see which currencies are accepted for each item on its Kitely Market product listing page. You can filter our marketplace to only see items that can be bought using Kitely Credits by selecting the “Only KC” option under the Currency section on the marketplace search page.

      • Dymoon Q Canaille

        thank you someone finally did come to help, and he gave me a LM to the sandbox and invited me to the group. I was getting frustrated, smiles.. impatient me.. but all is well.. thank you. He was very kind and explained it all to me. I gather it is best to just order from the web pages, and have it delivered to the grid I’m on. I appreciate your quick response.. very efficient of you. blessings of the season.

        • Great, I’m happy it’s all sorted now.

          You were given good advise, it is best to use Kitely Market if you want items delivered to another grid.

          Please let us know if there is anything else you need.

          Happy holidays Dymoon 🙂