Kitely Market Presented in OpenSim Community Conference 2013

Kitely Market is a virtual goods marketplace that is designed to help join all Hypergrid-connected OpenSim grids into one viable ecosystem. Its mission is to help the Metaverse evolve from a collection of standalones and small grids to a unified market that can attract more merchants, buyers, money, activity, and interest for everyone.

I presented the Kitely Market in the Business and Enterprise track of the OpenSim Community Conference 2013.

Here is the video:

Here are my slides:

Kitely Market Featured Merchants

Kitely Market is a virtual goods marketplace that will create a unified market out of the separate grids that make up the Hypergrid metaverse. This will enable content creators to make serious money, while setting up only one store. We’re currently offering incentives to merchants who set up their stores before Kitely Market opens.

With the launch of the Kitely Market so close, we wanted to remind content creators about our Featured Merchants program. If you earn Featured Merchant status then your store’s logo will be prominently displayed in the Kitely Market home page for a full year. Here’s what this will look like:

Featured Merchants Stores

In addition, the Kitely Welcome Center world (which is currently under construction) will include a billboard ad for your store, and a gateway to your Kitely-based in-world shop (if you set one up).

Featured Merchant status can really help your sales, and the number of available slots is limited so you should act now to get it! In order to be considered for Featured Merchant status you’ll need to:

  • Create a Kitely Market store with a description of your store’s brand, a banner image, and a thumbnail image of your store’s logo.
  • Add at least 100 high quality product listings that adhere to our guidelines. Close variations of the same item (e.g. the same shoes in different colors) will only be counted once. Items that are mostly made up of third-party content will not be counted.
  • Send us an email and request that we review your store for consideration for Featured Merchant status.

Normally there’s a fee of 100 KC to add a product to the Kitely Market, and 25 KC to add a variation (Update October 5, 2013: Kitely Market listing fees have been eliminated). However, we are offering a limited-time promotion to encourage merchants to add products now, so that they’ll be ready once the Kitely Market opens for buyers. This means that it would be a good idea to get started on creating products now, before our normal rates kick in.

For a limited time, this promotion includes the following benefits:

  • Add 20 products to your store for FREE (no listing fees).
  • If your first 20 product listings adhere to our guidelines then you may request to be allowed to add an unlimited number of products to your store for free. The link that will allow you to send us this request will appears once you’ve added 20 products to your store. This benefit is unrelated to the Featured Merchants program: anyone can request it.

The free listings promotion will expire once the market is open to buyers. However, Featured Merchant benefits will last for an entire year after the market opens for business.

See the Kitely Market Fees page for a complete list of our fees, our payouts, and additional details about this promotion.

Please note that there are no fees for uploading content in Kitely: only for listing products in the Kitely Market. Furthermore, if you don’t have a world of your own where you can import or create your products then you can use the free Kitely Merchants Sandbox.

Community-Created Transfer Stations

A month ago we made a big improvement to our service with the addition of transfer stations. The transfer stations have been a great success, making logins faster and simpler. However, not everyone was happy with the appearance of the transfer stations, so we’ve spent the last few weeks working with the Kitely community on a new design. Here’s the new look of the transfer stations:

Kitely Transfer Station

The new design was carefully chosen in order to avoid clashing with the designs of existing worlds, as well as rezzing quickly.

Several people from the Kitely community volunteered their time to help develop the new design. We’d like to give special thanks to Dot Macchi, who did most of the work, as well as to Ada Radius and Dennis Albion that assisted her in the process. We also wish to thank the 15 other Kitely users who participated in the forum discussions and in the Kitely Mentors Group meetings where we discussed this issue. Your helpful advice is much appreciated.

Preview of Kitely Market Categories

We are continuing to work on the upcoming Kitely Market, and we would like to get your feedback on our categories tree and attributes. We’ve discussed them with the Kitely Mentors Group over the past few weeks and now we feel that they’re ready for broader review. If you have any comments then please discuss them in the forum. (The forum works better for extended discussions than commenting in the blog).

Items in the Kitely Market are organized into categories. Categories are groups of similar items, e.g. Shoes or Bridges. At the same time, items can also have attributes that describe them: for example, their Color or Material. Typically users first choose the category they want, and then refine their search by selecting some attributes. As an example of how this works, take a look at the Best Buy TV shopping page. In this example the user already chose the category (TVs), and the left side of the screen contains attributes: Screen Size, TV Type, etc.

The use of attributes allows us to make the categories tree relatively simple. For example, we have only one category for Clothing, instead of having categories for Regular Clothes, Wedding Clothes, Goth Clothes, Christmas Clothes, etc. Users who want a specific type of clothing can click on the Clothing category, and then use attributes to specify the type of clothes they want.

When we chose our categories and attributes, an important consideration was what to leave out. For example, consider the Color attribute. It contains only the main colors: Black, Blue, Bronze, Brown, Gold, Grey, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White, Yellow. Having a limited number of options makes searching easier, because users can see similar items together. As another example, consider the Theme attribute: Arabian, Asian, Fantasy, Historical, Modern, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Western, Other. Although other themes could be added, our goal is to provide values that match about 80% of the themes that people use. We don’t want to provide 100% of the possible themes because then there would be too many options to choose from. Note that users can still use the regular search field to search for any word that appears in the product’s description, even if it doesn’t have an explicit attribute. Having said all that: if you think that another category or attribute is needed then please let us know, but keep in mind that there is value in limiting the possible options.

Some categories and attributes are Adult-only, and will only be shown to users with an Adult maturity level. These categories and attributes have a star (“*”) after their name and are marked in brown.


This is the list of attributes we intend to use. Most attributes can be used only with specific categories, and the categories tree below shows which attributes apply to which categories.

All of the attributes are optional: merchants don’t have to specify values for the attributes. However, we recommend specifying attribute values when appropriate to make it easier to find items in the market.

  • Color: Black, Blue, Bronze, Brown, Gold, Grey, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, White, Yellow
  • Movement: Static, Flexible, Animated, Interactive
  • Department: Boys, Girls, Men, Women, Unisex
  • Avatar Type: Animal, Anime, Fantasy, Furry, Human, Machine, Object, Plant, Weefolk
  • Environment: Land, Sky, Space, Water
  • Breedable: Yes, No
  • Rideable: Yes, No
  • Gesture: Yes, No
  • Tattoo Style: Biker, Celtic, Erotic *, Funny, Gothic, Military, Tribal, Spiritual, Other
  • Hair Type: Facial, Long, Body *, Short
  • Hair Color: Black, Blonde, Blue, Brown, Grey, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White
  • Skin Color: Light, Tan, Dark, Other
  • Clothing Style: BDSM *, Bridal, Business, Casual, Formal, Goth, Holiday, Maternity, Pirate, Uniform, Other
  • Clothing Material: Cotton, Fur, Jeans, Latex, Leather, Silk, Suede, Synthetic, Wool, Other
  • Building Material: Bone, Earth, Fabric, Feathers, Fire, Fur, Glass, Leather, Leaves, Liquid, Metal, Plastic, Scales, Stone, Wood, Other
  • World Size: 1 Region, 2×2 Regions, 3×3 Regions, 4×4 Regions
  • Sound Type: Ambient, Creature, Human, Machine, Nature, Object
  • Theme: Arabian, Asian, Fantasy, Historical, Modern, Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Western, Other
  • Art Theme: Abstract, Erotic *, Creatures, Landscape, People, Objects
  • Furniture Use: Bathroom, Bedroom, Dining Room, Erotic *, Kitchen, Living Room, Nursery, Office, Outdoor, Rec Room
  • Occasion: Birthday, Hanukkah, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Independence Day (US), Kwanzaa, Mardi Gras, New Year’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Winterfest, Wedding


Our categories tree appears below. In each category, the first item indicates which attributes apply in that category. For example, items in the Clothing category support the following attributes: “[Color, Movement, Department, Clothing Style, Clothing Material, Theme, Occasion]“.

Attributes that appear in a category automatically apply to all of its subcategories as well. In addition, sometimes subcategories add attributes of their own. In that case, we use a “+” sign as a reminder that these attributes can be used in addition to the attributes in the parent category. For example, the Avatar Skins subcategory shows “[+ Skin Color]” in the first line. This means that the Avatar Skins category supports all the attributes of its parent category Avatar Appearance (“[Department, Avatar Type]“), and in addition it also supports the Skin Color attribute.

Avatar Appearance

  • [Department, Avatar Type]
  • Avatar Shapes
  • Avatar Skins
    • [+ Skin Color]
  • Cosmetic Enhancements
    • [+ Color]
    • Ears and Tails
    • Feet and Hooves
    • Genitalia *
    • Horns and Antlers
    • Face and Body Make-Up
    • Nail Polish
    • Wings
  • Eyes
    • [+ Color]
  • Hair
    • [+ Hair Color, Hair Type]
    • Hair Textures
  • Tattoos
    • [+ Color, Tattoo Style]
  • Avatar Component Bundles
    • [+ Color]
  • Complete Avatars

Avatar Accessories

  • [Color, Movement, Department, Theme, Occasion]
  • Armors and Shields
  • BDSM Accessories *
    • BDSM Collars *
    • BDSM Cuffs, Leashes and Restraints *
    • BDSM Whips, Crops and Paddles *
  • Belts
  • Canes, Staves and Wands
  • Furry Accessories
  • Glasses
  • Hair Accessories
  • HUD Attachments
  • Handbags, Backpacks and Briefcases
  • Hats, Gloves, and Scarves
  • Jewelry and Watches
    • Anklets and Leg Jewelry
    • Belly Jewelry
    • Bracelets
    • Brooches
    • Crowns & Tiaras
    • Earrings
    • Jewelry Sets
    • Necklaces
    • Nose Rings and Piercing Jewelry
    • Rings
    • Watches
  • Masks
  • Neckties
  • Other Avatar Accessories

Avatar Animations

  • [Occasion, Gesture]
  • Animation Bundles
  • Animation Overrides
  • Combat Animations
  • Couples Animations
  • Dancing Animations
  • Emotive Animations
  • Erotic Animations *
  • Posing Animations
  • Sitting and Lying Animations
  • Walking and Running Animations
  • Other Avatar Animations


  • [Color, Movement, Department, Clothing Style, Clothing Material, Theme, Occasion]
  • Clothing Textures
  • Clothing Bundles
  • Dresses
  • Footwear
    • Boots
    • Shoes
    • High Heels
    • Sandals and Flip-Flops
    • Slippers
    • Sneakers
    • Socks and Stockings
    • Other Footwear
  • Jackets and Coats
  • Outfits
    • Pants Outfits
    • Shorts Outfits
    • Skirt Outfits
  • Pajamas and Underwear
    • Lingerie *
    • Lounge and Sleepwear
    • Underwear
  • Pants
    • Capris
    • Long
    • Shorts
  • Shirts
    • Blouses
    • Corsets
    • Halters
    • Long Sleeved
    • Short Sleeved
    • Sweaters
    • T-Shirts
    • Tanks and Camis
    • Tube Tops
  • Sportswear
  • Swimwear
  • Skirts
  • Vests


  • [Color, Movement, Environment, Breedable, Rideable]
  • Amphibians
  • Humans and Humanoids
    • Babies
  • Birds
  • Fantasy Creatures
  • Insects
  • Machines
  • Marine Animals
  • Mammals
  • Reptiles
  • Other Creatures

Creature Items

  • [Color, Movement, Building Material, Theme, Occasion]
  • Accessories and Toys
  • Food and Energy Supplies
  • Furniture
  • Houses and Habitats
  • Other Creature Items


  • [Color, Movement, Building Material, Theme]
  • Agricultural Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Educational Buildings
  • Entertainment Buildings
  • Government Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Landscaping Structures
  • Military Buildings
  • Parking and Storage
  • Religious Buildings
  • Residential Buildings
  • Transit Stations
  • Other Structures


  • [Color, Movement, Building Material, Theme, Furniture Use]
  • Beds and Hammocks
  • Bookcases and Shelves
  • Chairs and Sofas
  • Chests and Cabinets
  • Tables

Interior Design

  • [Color, Movement, Building Material, Theme, Occasion]
  • Appliances
  • Decor
    • Aquariums
    • Books and Periodicals
    • Clocks
    • Decorations
    • Dressing Screens
    • Cut Flowers and Potted Plants
    • Miniature Display Vehicles
      • Boats
      • Cars
      • Motorcycles
      • Planes
      • Trains
    • Mirrors
    • Pottery and Ceramics
  • Electronics
    • Audio Systems
    • Computer Equipment
    • Televisions
  • Entertainment
  • Fireplaces
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Lab Equipment
  • Lighting
    • Candles
    • Chandeliers
    • Lamps and Lanterns
    • Outdoor Lighting
    • Torches
  • Office Equipment
  • Rugs and Carpets
  • Showers, Tubs, Pools and Saunas
  • Window Treatments


  • [Color, Movement, Theme, Art Theme, Occasion]
  • Drawings and Paintings
  • Glass Art
  • Graphics
  • Greeting Cards
  • Photos
  • Picture Frames and Easels
    • [+ Building Material]
  • Posters
  • Sculptures and Statues
    • [+ Building Material]
  • Tapestries
  • Wall Art and Murals

Building Components

  • Bridges and Walkways
    • [Color, Movement, Building Material, Theme]
  • Building Aids
  • Doors
    • [Color, Movement, Building Material, Theme]
  • Fences and Railings
    • [Color, Movement, Building Material, Theme]
  • Kits and Templates
    • [Color, Movement, Building Material, Theme, Occasion]
    • Architectural
    • Avatar Accessories
    • Avatar Apparel
    • Creatures
    • Food and Drink
    • Furniture
    • Hair
    • Landscaping
    • Plants and Trees
    • Shoes
    • Shop Decoration
    • Vehicles
    • Other Kits and Templates
  • Signs
    • [Color, Movement, Building Material, Theme, Occasion]
  • Stairs and Elevators
    • [Color, Movement, Building Material, Theme]
  • Textures
    • [Color, Movement, Building Material, Occasion]
    • Animated Textures
    • Clothing Textures
    • Exterior Wall Textures
    • Fantasy Textures
    • Floor Textures
    • Ground Textures
    • Industrial and Urban Textures
    • Interior Wall Textures
    • Plant and Garden Textures
    • Stone Textures
    • Windows and Glass Textures
    • Other Textures
  • Windows
    • [Color, Movement, Building Material, Theme]
  • Other Building Components
    • [Color, Movement, Building Material, Theme, Occasion]

Recreation and Entertainment

  • Adult Entertainment *
  • Bars and Clubs
    • [Color, Movement, Building Material, Theme]
    • DJ Booths
    • Dance Floors
    • Tip Jars
    • Other Bars and Clubs Equipment
  • Contraband *
    • [Movement]
  • Event and Traffic Tools
  • Food and Drink
    • [Color, Movement, Theme, Occasion]
  • Games
    • [Occasion]
  • Musical Instruments
    • [Color, Movement, Theme, Occasion]
  • Sporting Goods
    • [Color, Movement, Theme]
    • Bicycle Equipment
    • Camping Equipment
    • Fishing Equipment
  • Theme and Amusement Parks
    • [Movement, Building Material, Theme]
  • Toys and Video Game Memorabilia
    • [Color, Movement, Building Material, Theme, Occasion]
  • Other Fun Stuff
    • [Color, Movement, Building Material, Theme, Occasion]

Landscaping and Plants

  • Caves, Grottos and Waterfalls
  • Flowers and Plants
    • [Color, Movement]
  • Trees and Shrubs
    • [Color, Movement]
  • Underwater Landscaping
  • Vegetable Gardens


  • [Color, Movement, Building Material, Theme]
  • Aircraft
    • Airplanes
    • Airships and Balloons
    • Helicopters
    • Hovercraft
  • Ground Vehicles
    • Cars and Trucks
    • Heavy Machinery
    • Non-Motorized Vehicles
    • Military Ground Vehicles
    • Motorbikes
    • Other Ground Vehicles
  • Multi-Use Vehicles
  • Water Vehicles
    • Boats
      • Motor Boats
      • Row Boats
      • Sail Boats
    • Waterbikes
    • Submarines
  • Space Vehicles
    • Rockets
    • Space Ships

Sound Effects

  • [Theme, Sound Type, Occasion]


  • Chat Enhancements
  • Multi-Use Gadgets
  • NPC Scripts
  • Particle Effects
  • Pose Stands
  • Security
  • Teleporters
  • Other Gadgets


  • [Color, Movement, Building Material, Theme]
  • Explosives
  • Ranged Weapons
    • Bows
    • Cannons
    • Crossbows
    • Handguns
    • Rifles
    • Other Ranged Weapons
  • Melee Weapons
    • Axes
    • Claws
    • Knives and Daggers
    • Pole Arms
    • Swords
    • Other Melee Weapons
  • Other Weapons


  • Avatar Augmentation Scripts
  • Building Helpers
  • Business Scripts
  • Communication Scripts
  • Event Helpers
  • Recreation and Entertainment Scripts
    • [Occasion]
  • Scripting Tutorials
  • Vehicle Scripts
  • Weapon Scripts
  • Other Scripts

Business Tools

  • Affiliate Programs
  • Advertising Systems
  • Gift Cards and Vouchers
  • Guides and Tutorials
  • Information Management
  • Rental Systems
  • Retail Displays
  • Vendor Machines


(Note: this category will not be available when the market first opens. It will be added later.)

  • [Color, Environment, World Size]
  • Empty Terraformed Worlds
  • Complete Worlds
    • [+ Theme]

We Need Your Feedback

What do you think about these categories and attributes? Please let us know in this thread in our forums.

Categories were updated on 12 Feb 2013Learn More

Categories were updated on 26 Feb 2013Learn More

Categories were updated on 19 Nov 2020Learn More

Kitely Market Early Bird Promotion

We are currently developing an advanced content marketplace. Since most OpenSim users are familiar with the Second Life marketplace, we asked our users what they like and don’t like about it. Using these insights we intend to deliver a great user experience that addresses the main usability issues with existing online marketplaces. At first the market will be used only for buying and selling inside the Kitely grid, but eventually it will be used for selling to multiple grids from a single online shop.

In order to attract good content creators we are now offering various benefits for merchants that bring their content to our market before it opens to the public.

How the Kitely Market will Work

The basic operation of the Kitely Market will be similar to existing marketplaces: merchants create Products using items in their inventory. Users browse the products and purchase them. Products are delivered directly to the buyer’s inventory.

One of the biggest problems with existing marketplaces is the rigid categories. First, sometimes items don’t fit exactly into a single category. Second, there’s a lot of duplication in the list of categories: e.g., the Second Life marketplace includes categories such as “Rings”, “Jewelry Sets”, “Valentine’s Day Jewelry” and “Wedding Rings” which makes it hard to find all the nice gold rings without visiting all of these categories. To solve these problems, the Kitely Market will use attributes. Attributes are properties of the product: for example, “Woman’s” and “Gold”. This makes the list of categories shorter because, for example, we only need one category called “Rings”, and then the attributes can be used to drill down into the various types of rings. This is how most big e-commerce websites work, e.g. Amazon, and we are bringing this useful feature to the OpenSim world.

Another problem with existing marketplaces is that there are many similar products. For example, a merchant that creates a blouse might offer it in five different colors, and each of them is a separate product. This makes it difficult for users to browse the available products because there are only a small number of unique products in each page of results. To solve this, we will be using variations. Each product can have multiple variations, based on color, material, etc. In the example above, there will be just one product for this blouse (e.g., “Mary’s Stylish Blouse”), and five variations: one for each color. When searching the products in the marketplace the product will appear just once instead of five times. All of the product’s variations are counted together for reviews and sales ranking. Again, this is something that already exists in big e-commerce websites but is missing from the Second Life marketplace.

Our listing fees will be:

  • Add product: 100 KC
  • Add variation: 25 KC

(Note that Kitely doesn’t charge content upload fees so you can import as many assets as you want into your inventory for free)

Another significant feature of the Kitely market is that we will add a new permission flag to objects: the Export flag. This flag will only be available for items bought from the marketplace, but not for items bought in-world. Items that have the Export permission can be taken out of the Kitely grid. Currently this will allow items to be included in OAR exports, and later it will allow the items to be used on other Hypergrid-enabled grids. This means that a user will be able to buy an outfit in the Kitely Market and, if the merchant gave it the Export permission, have it available when they hypergrid to other grids. Alternatively, a user whose “home base” is OSGrid will be able to buy an outfit (or any other item) for use in OSGrid.

Products in the Kitely Market can be sold using both Kitely Credits and US dollars. Kitely will charge a 10% transaction fee on content sales. Purchases made using US Dollars are paid directly into the merchant’s PayPal account (without going through Kitely), therefore PayPal’s fees will also apply.

NOTE: the following sections are now outdated and kept here for archive purposes only. Please continue reading our newer blog post about the Kitely Market Early Bird Promotion.

Early-Bird Discounts for All Merchants

There will be a 50% discount on listing fees until the market opens for buyers.

In addition, we will provide a special free world that registered merchants (see below) can use for creating their objects. Since we don’t charge upload fees, this means that even users using the Free Plan will be able to create items without any cost except for the listing fees. This world will only be available until the marketplace opens.

Additional Benefits for Featured Merchants

The discounts described above are available to anyone that creates content for the Kitely Market. But in addition, we have another tier of benefits for a limited number of big merchants. These benefits are as follows:

Free listing of products and variations until the marketplace opens. (I.e., we waive the 100 KC / 25 KC listing fees completely.)

The merchant’s store logo will be displayed on the Kitely Market homepage for one year from the date the marketplace opens.

We will create an official always-on free-access shopping world, tentatively called the “Kitely Plaza”. Each Featured Merchant will receive a free 2000m parcel with 3000 prims to build their shop in this world. This parcel will be rent-free for at least one year.

Finally, Featured Merchants will be eligible to participate in monthly fashion shows in the Kitely Plaza.

Criteria for Featured Merchant Consideration

You must upload at least 200 unique high-quality products (not variations) to the Kitely Market before April 1.

You must have been selling for a minimum of three years in Second Life and/or a well known OpenSim grid.

Since space in our homepage and shopping world is limited, only about 20 merchants will be eligible for these benefits.


Once the year is over Kitely will reallocate the parcels in the Kitely Plaza based on marketplace sales performance. We may rent some of the spaces in an auction, and/or allocate some spaces in a lottery between qualifying Kitely Market merchants.

The Kitely Plaza will be made available to Featured Merchants 3 weeks before we open the Kitely Market so they’ll have time to build their in-world shops.

Fashion shows will only be held if at least 3 Featured Merchants participate in them.

We may give Featured Merchant status to people who don’t pass the aforementioned requirements but have other good qualifications. If you have outstanding content but don’t meet these requirements then please contact us and let us know.

Since we are early in the development cycle for the Kitely Market, we may decide to change some aspects of its behavior or fees. However, the discounts and benefits described here will still apply.

How to Apply

Send us an email with your Kitely avatar name and the approximate number of unique content items you intend to upload to the Kitely Market before it opens, and you’ll get the 50% discount and access to the content-creation sandbox.

If you want to apply to be a Featured Merchant then include the following additional information in your email: the name you go by in other grids (if different from Kitely), and a SLURL and/or link to a website where we can view your content. We will notify you by email whether you were accepted or not. This will happen before we make the merchant control panel available, so that you’ll know which listing fees you will need to pay (if any).

Weekly Merchant Meetings

Kitely will hold weekly meetings for merchants where you’ll be able to ask questions and have a say on how the Kitely Market develops. Times and dates will be announced later. In addition, you can use our forums at any time.

Act Now

We will make the Kitely Market’s merchant control panel available in about 1.5 months. However,  you shouldn’t wait for that: you can start uploading your content to Kitely immediately, so that it’s already in your inventory once the control panel is available. Having a lot of high-quality content in your inventory will increase your chances of gaining Featured Merchant status.

A Minute of Your Time Can Help the Kitely Community Grow

Hypergrid Business is now holding its third annual OpenSim grid survey.  Last year many of you participated in the survey, and your support helped Kitely grow and become the biggest commercial provider of OpenSim regions. Please help us continue to expand the Kitely community by answering this short multiple choice questionnaire. Thank you!

User-Created Transfer Stations

What are Transfer Stations

In one of our next releases we will be introducing a new feature called Transfer Stations. Transfer Stations are miniature worlds that users wait in while their world is being loaded.

Kitely is a cloud-based virtual world provider, so when a user tries to enter a world that is currently offline we need to start the world first. This is fairly quick, but not instantaneous. Currently users look at a progress bar on our website while the world is being started, and once the world is ready their viewer is automatically launched. Transfer Stations are going to change this: when a user tries to enter an offline world their viewer will start immediately, but they will enter a Transfer Station instead of the desired world. Once the world is ready the user will be teleported to it automatically.

Transfer Stations will be used only when entering the Kitely grid, i.e. when your viewer isn’t already logged into another Kitely world. If you are already logged into Kitely then you will wait in the current world you are in while the world you are heading to is being started (this is also how Kitely currently works).

If several people try to enter the same offline world at once then they will be placed in the same Transfer Station. This will allow you to talk and chat even before the world is ready.

Transfer Stations have several benefits:

  • They reduce the time it takes to enter an offline world, because the time for starting the viewer is spent in parallel with starting the world.
  • They make it possible to enter a world by starting the viewer directly (instead of from our website). Currently that isn’t possible: we require users to click “Enter World” in our website first.
  • Once Kitely supports HyperGrid access, transfer stations will enable people to HyperGrid teleport into Kitely worlds even if their destination worlds are currently offline.
  • You’ll be able to start chatting, dressing up, etc. with other people going to the same world as you even before the world is ready.

User-Created Transfer Stations

We discussed this feature in this week’s Kitely Mentors Group meeting, and a few people asked about the possibility of choosing the theme of the transfer station that will be used for their worlds. Subsequently several people volunteered to create such themed stations. We think this could be a nice touch, so we’ve decided to accept a few themed stations in addition to the standard transfer station that we’ll create. Once Transfer Stations are enabled, world managers will be able to choose which transfer station should be used for their worlds.

If you are interested in creating a Transfer Station then please consider the following guidelines:

Overall Structure

  • A transfer station is a small, self-contained, simple build. Here’s an example (please note that this is an incomplete rough draft):

  • A transfer station is a structure roughly 48m x 48m x 48m in size, which is enclosed within a larger box whose size is 127m x 127m x 127m. The large box must contain skybox textures, as shown in the screenshot above. (You can make the inner platform slightly bigger or smaller than 48m if you want, but the outer box must be exactly 127m.)
  • The station should be open-space with no closed structures. People should be able to see the entire station and everything in it by zooming out. For example, it’s ok to use arches, but not tunnels. The station doesn’t have to be circular.
  • The station can’t include any scripts or physics.
  • The station must be very low on the prim, texture, and mesh counts so that it will rez quickly when people enter it. Textures should be 512×512, unless they are used for big areas in which case 1024×1024 is acceptable.
  • Consider the physics engine load in your design. Don’t use hollow prims/meshes that are non-phantom. To prevent avatars passing through such barriers, simulate the physics mesh with non-linked transparent non-phantom prims. If you use multiple prims to get multiple textures on the ground then make the textured prims phantom and cover them with a single non-phantom megaprim the user can walk on.


  • Each transfer station has a few required elements:
  • When you enter the transfer station there should be a large sign directly in front of you. This sign will explain what is happening, e.g. “You are currently waiting for your world to load.” The sign should take up at least 50% of the visible space in front of you when you enter the world. Use a blank rectangle as a placeholder for the content, because the real contents of the sign will be rendered via a script by Kitely when the station is set up.
  • If required, attribution for you and other content creators can appear on a small 0.5m x 0.5m plaque near the landing point. The plaque needs to fit the theme of the station and must not stand out visually. It should state “This Kitely Transfer Station was designed by X and includes content which was created by Y, Z, and W” (where X is your name, and Y, Z, and W are the names of the people who created content which you included in your build).
  • Don’t include any links, ads or promotions in the transfer station. The only exception is the attribution plaque which can include the name of your company (not a URL, or logo), e.g.: “This Kitely Transfer Station was designed by John Smith of John’s Designs”.


  • You will retain your copyrights for anything you build, but you will need to license your submission to Kitely using the Creative Commons CC BY 3.0 license.
  • Don’t include any content which Kitely can’t use commercially or that includes share-alike license requirements. If you use someone else’s content then it must be permissively licensed and you’ll need to give us direct links to all the website pages from which that content was obtained.

What’s Next

If you wish to contribute to this project then please add your name to the comments section below. Once your world(s) are ready, please edit that comment to add a link to your submission’s world page(s). If you wish you can contact us privately instead.

Please keep in mind that we may ask you to make modifications before accepting your submission for inclusion, and that your station might not end up being included in the Kitely Transfer Station world even if it adheres to all the aforementioned requirements. We’re very open to providing feedback, however, so if you have ideas or drafts you can ask us about them.

This entire blog post is a preview of an upcoming feature. We might yet discover that we need to make changes to the way Transfer Stations work, and if that happens then we may ask you to make changes to your build.

We’ll start considering submissions on October 1st so please add your preliminary builds before then. The Kitely Mentors Group will travel to all submitted worlds; information about these field trips will be provided ahead of time.

Updated Signup Bonuses

During the beta period we give free Kitely Credits to new users. We used to give a different amount of KC to users depending on the number of Facebook friends they had: 50 KC if they had at least 20 Facebook friends, and just 10 KC if they didn’t. We had chosen these amounts in order to prevent people from abusing our system to get a lot of free Kitely Credits using throwaway Facebook accounts.

However, this policy prevented many honest people from trying out Kitely, and now that we’re topping off peoples’  accounts to 1000 KC each week it doesn’t even serve its intended purpose anymore.

Therefore we’ve decided to increase the number of free Kitely Credits that we give to new users to 200 KC regardless of the number of Facebook friends they have.

We’ve also updated the World Manager bonus to 400 KC, so that new users who create a world can get a total of 600 KC to play with without needing to contact us or wait for the weekly KC top-off.

Even More Free Kitely Credits

In the last few weeks we’ve been topping-off every account that has less than 500 KC up to 500 KC (see More Free Kitely Credits). However, we’ve noticed that some popular worlds are still running out of KC between top-offs. We’ve therefore decided to increase the weekly top-off of all Kitely users’ balances to 1000 KC, so that the popular worlds can remain active throughout the week.

We want to make sure that your Kitely worlds are available to you when you need them. If you run out of Kitely Credits between top-offs then please let us know and we’ll give you some more.